Scrolls of the Geomancer

By @Mclay

Scrolls of the Geomancer

By @Mclay

A WIP that started over a decade ago in High School. Still working on it, and I am aware of most of the issues with the formatting.

Chapter 12

Chapter 12

The next morning, closer to mid-day, Sovos awoke, feeling clear-headed and calm. Only then did he realize that he fell asleep with all of his clothes on, along with his hat and sword.

‘Hmm, that bath was better for me than I thought.’

He groped around for his staff, which had rolled under the bed. He stepped out of the room and across the hallway to Kurt’s room, and knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked again, louder. Still no answer.

“Kurt! The day is nearly half gone! Time to get up!” Sovos said loudly as he pushed open the door. The bed was empty, Kurt was nowhere to be seen. A sense of concern overcame Sovos, he immediately thought of all he told Kurt about being arrested for simply being a spellcaster. He discounted that it after a few moments, there was no sign of a struggle, and if whoever took Kurt was looking for spellcasters, they would have come for him as well.

Sovos exited the room and walked down the hall to the front of the inn.

“Did you happen to see where my friend went?” he asked the plump woman behind the bar.

“Yes, he told me to tell you that he wanted to take a good look around the city and he’ll be back in time for lunch.” she explained.

“When did he leave?”

“About two or so hours ago.” she said.

“Well, thank you very much.” Sovos said as he went to the door.

‘He can’t get into much trouble by himself, but I should still find him.’ he thought

He stepped into the bright day “Now, if I were Kurt, where would I go?” he asked himself. Since nearly all of the businesses were bath houses, that narrowed his search down considerably.

Sovos thought up a map of the city he had once seen, which he could recall with perfect detail. ‘The shops are beyond the square in the south part of the city.’ he thought. So he began to walk in that direction, eyes on the sky as much as the road, looking for Sig. He walked past the square and the tree and continued on toward the shops.

Cheers and shouting met his ears, a large circle of people were surrounding someone. Curiosity won out and he walked into the mass of people. Kurt, with Sig on his shoulder was doing a show with what looked to be house cats. Kurt led them like a grand Marshall, they looped in circles behind him, jumping and ducking, rolling and running in complex patterns on the road.

Kurt suddenly stopped, the cats scattered, and he took a bow. Cheers and coins flew in the air as Kurt held his bow. The circle eventually dispersed and Kurt finally noticed Sovos standing there.

“So, what did you think?” Kurt asked.

“Not bad at all, but I am surprised that you are able to communicate such difficult commands to animals that aren’t your companions.”

Kurt stooped to pick up his coins “It’s always been a talent of mine, I could have done the same with dogs or whatever else.” Kurt explained

“Well, why did you do it then? Showing off the fact that you are a spellcaster is a dangerous thing to do for a few coins.” Sovos cautioned

“It’s just that ever since we arrived here, you paid for everything. Even after I said I would pay for myself. I feel that you feel obligated to do so since I’m younger than you. So, I decided to not give you a choice, I will pay for my next purchase with these coins!” Kurt said

“I didn’t feel obligated, it was my pleasure to treat a first timer to Far City, but now that you have money, I won’t pay for you until you run out, if that is what you want.”

“That would suit me just fine.”

“Alright then, what were you looking to buy?”

Before Kurt could answer, angry shouting began coming from the square, a larger group of people were surrounding someone who was on the road. Throwing rocks or whatever else came to hand. A flash of long blonde hair caught Sovos’ attention and that was all he needed to act. As he sprinted to the crowd, he dug in his satchel and found a stone barrier golem scroll.

He elbowed and shoved his way into the center of the mob. He broke through to the center and threw the scroll at the remains of the wall that surrounded the tree.

A shelf of rock sprouted from the wall and covered the girl, protecting her from further attack. The crowd fell silent, Sovos placed himself between them and the girl, sword in hand.

“Why do you stop us?” a pudgy, balding man near the front demanded.

“My code, and the code of all Geomancers will not allow me to let such behavior to just slip by.”

A few gasps and mutters came from the crowd.

“If you have a problem with her, you have a problem with me as well.” Sovos said calmly as he leveled his sword at the man.

“So, you would stand between all of us and her. Even with her being what she is?” he asked.

“It does not matter what she is, the fact that she is a she is enough.” Sovos said.

“Feh.” the man spat on the ground “The Dark Ones take you both.” he turned and waved the crowd away. Sovos turned back to where the girl was, she had crawled out from under the stone. Sovos bent and offered his hand to her, she ignored it and stood by herself.

She looked to be about Sovos’s age, her clothes were dirty and torn and her hair still managed to gleam in the sun through the dirt that covered it. That wasn’t what held his attention though, as she turned to look at him, her eyes, like shards of amethyst, seemed to bore into his soul.

The eyes of a Necromancer.

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