By @AndrewG

Pulled into a series of confusing and strange scenarios, our protagonist must discover the secret of his past and his future.

Chapter 3

Scenario Two: The Past

I woke up in a jungle, not unlike the one that I had seen before. It seemed to be surrounded by green mountains. When I looked down at the ground, it seemed normal, except for one little thing that caught my attention. Strange tracks, unlike any I had ever seen before. They seemed to be made by some kind of bird or bipedal reptile. Was this some alternate reality that I was dreaming up?

Even though I was pretty much sure that I was dreaming, my survival knowledge kicked in and I immediately started searching for some water. I also grabbed a sharp stick that I saw lying on the ground, just in case.

While I walked, I pondered to myself where I could possibly be. This land seemed to be untouched by humans, almost as if I was in the past. Of course, it could have been that I was dreaming about the past, as my previous “dream” had taken place in the future. I also couldn’t forget about the tiny possibility that I had actually travelled through time, somehow, since if it was true, if I died I would actually die. I finally made it to a tiny spring after around 30 minutes, and I used a leaf to try and collect as much as I could to make my drinking easier. I decided to set up a shelter near the spring, as it seemed to be safe. I would need food soon however, so I started trying to sharpen my stick using the hard bark of the trees surrounding me.

Night was going to come soon, and I knew that I had to try and make a fire. I collected as much dry wood as I could find, and using the dull side of my stick/spear and a flat piece of wood, I created a spark after an hour of rubbing and hoping. The dry wood set ablaze, and my fire was created.

I also decided to try and make a bit of a torch, as I did not know what animals were nearby. They could be anything, as my limitless imagination seemed to be powering this dream. I didn’t want to die, no matter if it was real life or not.

I was able to sleep a few hours, but some strange noise pierced my ears right as the sun began to rise from its slumber. It sounded like a bird screeching, except much louder. I grabbed my spear and torch, and quietly moved toward the direction from which the sound seemed to come. As I moved through the ferns that seemed to be everywhere, a quick movement to the left of me caught my attention. But then, faster than I could blink, a bird-like reptilian creature lunged at me, and soon enough it had me pinned to the ground. I blocked its sharp teeth from reaching my face with my spear, and tried to jab at it with my torch. The fire scared the creature, as it seemed to recoil at the sight of it. After a long struggle, the creature gave up and ran away, as fast as a modern-day lion. My fire was almost out, so I tried not to move too fast and blow it out completely. I made it back to my smoldering fire, and lit it up with my torch. Bruised and scratched, the battle with the creature had left me more shaken than hurt, and so I tried to get some more sleep.

The next morning came with a surprise. A small bird, resembling a dodo, was strutting around. My stomach growled when I looked at it. I hadn’t eaten in days. I decided to try and trap it, as I didn’t want to eat it, but if I couldn’t find any other food I would still have some food, at least.

I took my spear, and started exploring. I put little scratches on the trees that I passed by, in an attempt to not get lost. I looked for any kind of vegetable food, but somehow when I saw a blackish berry my mind told me that it was poisonous, and if I tried to walk towards it, I just couldn’t. I kept walking and marking trees until I found something that seemed to be safe to eat. It looked like a blackberry, except it was the size of my curled up hand. I snapped it off the stem, and walked back towards my camp. The bird was still in its little trap, and when I came back it started squawking in fear. I tried to calm it down by speaking softly to it and petting its head, but it didn’t stop. It seemed to be looking at something behind me. I turned around and didn’t see anything in the jungle. But, something in the sky caught my eye. It seemed to be on fire. It almost looked like a meteor of some sort. Had I actually arrived into the past, right before the meteor that wiped out dinosaurs hit? It seemed as if I was actually causing these things to happen.

The meteor hit after a few minutes. The last thing I saw was a massive wave of water and dirt and stones and trees. My world had gone black yet again, except this time there seemed to be a little bit of light in the corner of my vision. I couldn’t look at it, of course, but after I tried the die came into my sight. It seemed to be glitching, as it was disappearing and reappearing after every few seconds. The die landed on 3, and this time it seemed as if nothing happened, but after waiting for a while, I came to.

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