By @AndrewG

Pulled into a series of confusing and strange scenarios, our protagonist must discover the secret of his past and his future.

Chapter 2

Scenario One: The Future

I woke up in a strange place. It seemed like a hospital of some sort, with hovering things that held what seemed to be samples, tools, and other items I didn’t recognize. Had I been in a coma this entire time? This hospital was unlike any I had seen before. It seemed… futuristic. So futuristic that if I was really in a coma while here I wouldn’t have dreamed about the 2010’s. Had the die brought me here through time travel? Or was I just imagining things?

A robot came to my hospital bed with a strange syringe. It seemed to hold what looked like metal. Liquid metal. She injected me with the substance and to my surprise, it was cold and it felt like it was made up of microscopic grains of metal. As soon as all of the substance was in me, I felt a powerful surge of energy. It seemed like there were tiny robots inside of me, fixing optimizing my body like a computer program. Nanobots. This is the future, isn’t it?

Convinced I was just in a dream, I decided to walk around and see what my imagination had thought up. There weren’t any flying cars or spaceships anywhere, unlike what I usually imagined the future to have. The one thing I could see outside of the hospital was just some kind of glass dome. But, when I turned around, I was able to see the massive buildings that were hundreds of times taller than the ones I saw everyday back home. But, none of them seemed to reach any farther than one set height.

After marveling at the city for about an hour, I saw a panel with the writing, “The History of the Superdome!” I decided to walk over and examine it. Once I walked in front of it, it started a video showing the building of this strange place. It explained how due to the destruction of the Earth’s atmosphere, the Earth became a desolate and dead land. The human race had already set up many colonies on Mars and Jupiter’s moons, so everyone left. Except for a select few, who while staying on the moon, built a glass dome that protected against the sun’s rays and provided oxygen. After this was completed, many people returned to the Earth, staying in the city built inside the Megadome.

After a few hours, the Megadome seemingly shut down. Instead of showing a blue sky, a yellow sun, and white clouds, all that was visible was dust. The lights in the city itself all turned off, and it became searingly hot. It seemed to be a power outage, but one that could destroy a massive city with hundreds of millions of people.

A few minutes in, the air was becoming thinner and thinner. If the power didn’t turn on in around 10 minutes, then everyone outside would probably burn. I was lucky enough to be inside a building that had a generator capable of cooling the building down and generating oxygen. But not for long.

This dream was becoming all too real. What would happen if I died? What if I had really traveled through time, and this was real life? It was unlikely, but it was still frightening.

Once the generator went out, the building collapsed into chaos. If something wasn’t done soon, then everyone, including me, would die. The oxygen was practically gone, and it felt as if the little remaining air was molten lava. But, right before all of the air disappeared, the lights came back on. The air returned at room temperature, and the blue sky was displayed yet again. It was a miracle, and the chaos that had been ensuing settled down. Unfortunately, all those without a generator had likely perished.

I walked out of the building solemnly, distraught at just how fallible the technology of the future was. Or at least the future that I was imagining. But what if this was real, and the generator hadn’t worked? If I was stuck outside? Would I really be dead?

After some time, I managed to make it back to the hospital. I, without thinking, made it back to where I started. A hospital bed. It looked almost exactly like the ones I was used to in the present. Well, the past. It seemed inconspicuous enough, looking exactly like all the other ones all around. But when I touched it, I felt something inside of me. The bed also seemed to be extremely hot to the touch. It also made me feel like I was about to pass out everytime I touched the bed. I could also see glimpses of some green jungle, and my eyes became sore. It almost felt like the experience I had at the convenience store earlier. When did that happen? It felt like it was minutes and years ago, at the same time. My perception of time was getting completely shattered, and everytime I even got near the hospital bed I had started in it got worse.

The feeling of not knowing when or where you are is a strange one. It’s something that makes you feel off balance, and lost. That feeling was getting worse by the second. It felt as if I was being sucked into a black hole of uncertainty. But the black hole seemed to be getting bigger and stronger, and it seemed as if it was truly going to consume me. But then, my world went dark.

I was back to nothingness, and so I waited.

It felt much faster than the last time, almost like I had fallen asleep. The die came and went, however, without anything happening after it landed on 5. But, soon enough, I woke up.

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