Saving Sage

By @insomia
Saving Sage

For the past five months, all Sage could feel was emptiness and grief. The trauma her father had costed her and her family was unbearable, leading her to do the unthinkable and act on impulse. With her mom still suffering from injuries and illness' from the incident that happened in May, Sage doesn't know how she'll bear going back to her old boarding school. No one really knows what exactly happened, except for one. When Sage's past threatens to repeat itself, will she slip into bad habits?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Raging Waters

Sage Flints

The sound of the oceans roaring waves lap against my ears viciously, pounding against the tall rocks I’m standing on with force.

I close my eyes, tears blurring my vision as everything fades together–from the star filled sky to the aching pain of the cut on my calf dulling into a numbing emptiness.

The screaming from my once peaceful home is the only thing I can hear, the secluded land around us ensuring that no one can hear or find us–at least not without searching.

I take a step closer to the edge of the cliff, wind pushing my hair back as I take my final step off of the rock, plummeting into the raging waters below.


I shoot up from the position in my bed, a shiver making its way up my spine.

I let out a shaky breath, attempting to shake his voice from my head, his touch

“Sage!” My mom shouts from what seems like the kitchen, metal clinking from the supposed pans. “Let’s go, Sage, get up.”

I slam myself back onto my bed, heaving a sigh as I prepare myself for another day of torture, or what is referred to as school.

I walk to my bathroom after willing myself to get up for the idea of the fresh brewed coffee.

I get dressed in a cropped turtleneck, the navy from the sweater bringing out the hidden green tones in my eyes.

I put a fair share of mascara on before rushing for the kitchen, grabbing my favourite cup before filling it with the caffeinated beverage.

“Hi mom.” I smile softly as I kiss her cheek, biting into a banana that she hands me.

“Good morning sweetie. Excited to go back to school?” She winks, making me roll my eyes.

“Yeah, sure.” I huff.

“Well, I’ll miss you.” She sighs, twirling a piece of my hair between her fingers before she tucks it behind my hair. “Promise you’ll be safe and stay out of trouble Sage, alright?”

I nod my head, leaning into her touch.

“I’ll try to visit, okay?” I whisper, smiling softly to hide my worry. “And I’ll make sure Ginger and Rosemary will be fine.”

I attend a boarding school in Newport, about an hour away from where my moms house is, but I took a couple weeks break after the incident, and it was already summer break before I had the chance to head back to school.

She’s been in and out of hospitals for complications from the injuries caused, and I’ve been trying to take care of her as much as I can.

My two little sisters, Olive and Ivy, attend the same school as I, except they’re in a different building facility since they are still in the lower grade school which runs from kindergarten to eighth grade.

“Yeah, I’ll miss you too, mom. I love you.”

“And I love you too, my darling. Call me when you get there, okay? I’m driving your sisters later today.”

” ’Kay, bye!” I call out before heading out the door with my suitcase, smiling brightly when I see their familiar face of a couple of my longest friends, Clover and Holly.

Sagey!” Holly yells as I climb into the old jeep, engulfing me into a warm hug as she laughs into my ear, squeezing me in our embrace. She pulls away to look at me, smiling kindly again as if nothing had happened, and it was just and nothing else existed. “I missed you.” She sang.

It was definitely my favourite thing about her, other than her unending support and free attitude towards life.

” ’Sup, Sage.” Clover laughs as I turn towards him expectantly, ruffling my hair with his free hand as he keeps his eyes on the road. “How was your summer?”

“It was good. I worked as a counsellor for a couple of weeks, but I quit after the fourth paycheck.” I laugh.

“Classic.” Holly chirps, snapping a person under the name of ”Kanga.”

“Who’s ‘Kanga’?” I question, looking over at her phone to see if she’d answer.

“Oh yeah, she’s our new roommate.” Holly responds quickly, looking at me with her puppy dog eyes. “Her name is Rue. She told me to say ‘Hi’.”

“Oh, cool.” I say, not informed that we were going to have a new roommate this year. But, I guess we would have to since Willow isn’t here anymore. “Is she new? I haven’t heard of her before.”

“Yeah, she just moved here from Canada, but she seems really nice.”

“What does she look like?” I push, wanting to know more about her before I meet her.

“Um, brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin etc.” Clover shrugs, opening his window to let the cool breeze flow throughout the car.

“You know her too?” I ask defeatedly, upset that everyone knows her but me, as if I’m missing a piece of the puzzle that everyone has seemed to figure out but me.

“Don’t be upset, Sage, the only reason we know her is because Dean Carthrow asked us to show her around last weekend to help her find her way around the school and meet some new people. He would’ve asked you, but he knew that you were in Santa Monica with Willow for the past couple of months. And don’t worry, Lilac doesn’t even know her, and Lilac knows everyone.”

“Yeah I guess,” I shrug off my disappointment, willing my mind to distract itself from the flashbacks trying to push itself to the front of my mind. “How’s everyone else? Lilac, Canyon, Everest?”

“Well, Canyon and Everest are good, they worked together this summer at a retreat in Alabama, and Lilac spent her summer in Napa with her family, but,” Clover smirks, his mouth twitching into a smirk.

Holly laughs, slouching into her seat as she plugs her phone into the aux cord, playing ‘Wake up In The Sky’ on full volume.

I cringe, rubbing my ears from the obnoxiously loud music, the speakers in the car vibrating.

“But what.” I deadpan, narrowing my eyes at Clover who just raps the words to the song carelessly.

“Rivers is my third roommate this year.” He grins, his eyebrows lifting in amusement as he notices a blush creep up upon my cheeks. “He transferred corridors to change things up.”

“Nice.” I try to play it off cool, but my stomach is twisting with what seems to be excitement.

Get yourself together, Sage.

Holly snorts, chuckling to herself at my state of embarrassment.

“That’s cool, I don’t like him anymore anyway.” I try to convince them, or myself even.

I’ve known him since the second grade, and not once have we had a one on one conversation.

It’s been 8 years.

“Oh, c’mon Sage.” Clover huffs, sliding his hand through his dark hair before placing it back on the wheel. “You’re not fooling anyone other than yourself.”

“Uh,” I try to think of a distraction, scratching the back of my head. “What do you guys think this year will be like?”

Holly shrugs while Clover keeps his eyes on the road, focusing on making the next turn that leads us to our campus.

“Interesting, I guess.” She comments, typing something on her phone before leaning her head on the car window, quickly lifting it as we enter the campus, the castle looking school sitting on top of a small hill. “It’s going to be weird without Éloïse, though. Especially for you and Lilac.”

I shrug in response. Holly and Éloïse were never really that close, and sometimes it made Holly feel like an outsider.

We get out of the car as Clover parks it in the junior section, unplugging the aux cord as he stuffs it into his glove compartment.

“Everest, Lilac!” Holly calls as a raven haired girl turns around, her brown eyes crinkling as she smiles at us, running over, following the brunette next to her.

Lilac hugs me first, crashing into me with enough force to make me stumble backwards, but Clover keeps a firm grip on my elbow, stabilizing me before Everest kisses the top of my head in greeting.

“How are you, bud?” She smiles, hints of worry underlining within her voice.

“I’m good, really.” I convince her, pulling away as she hugs Clover, talking about something that happened during the summer as my mind drifts.

Someone tugs me by my hand, snapping me back into reality.

“Let’s go to our dorm, our new roommate is there and I want you guys to meet her.” Holly pushes, dragging me and Lilac to the dorms.

“Hopefully she’ll like us.” Lilac side comments as we go up the stairs, opening our room to see a person hovering over a side bed, putting their clothes on the bed before turning to us, a faint blush coating her cheeks.

She looks at me, stopping in her tracks, clearly discombobulated.

She opens her mouth to say something, but is clearly at a loss for words.

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