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Sad Sometimes

By @evanelizabeth


Sometimes, you’ll be tired.

You’ll wake up too late and feel your routine slipping away.

Sometimes, you’ll be disheveled.

You’ll plan to do work, but eventually cross it out without completing it.

Sometimes, you’ll be so happy and motivated that everyone can see the positive energy radiating off of you.

Sometimes, you’ll realize that the only thing keeping you happy was the friends you don’t get to see anymore.

Sometimes, you will be happy and content and carefree.

Not even the darkest shadows can creep up on you at night.

Sometimes, the shadows will be so persistent you have no choice but to see them.

Sometimes, they might even win.

But that doesn’t mean you lose.

That doesn’t mean you quit.

Sad one time does not mean sad forever.

Sad a thousand times does not mean sad forever.

Because the truth is, there will come a night with glittering stars,

and a bright morning will follow.

And with that bright morning comes a brand new day.

A day where you can begin again.

And if it starts off sad again, like it will sometimes,

then start there, start sad.

There’s always tomorrow.

Even though sometimes,

you’re too sad to remember.

Sometimes you’ll be sad,

but sometimes,

you’ll be okay too.

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