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By @roblesmr

Poetry- Part 1

Have you ever heard the saddening story

Of a boyfriend and his girl,

And the fateful night of spirited ride

Where their lives were given whirl?

The brakes went out, the danger lurked

The boy knew this to be true.

He gave his girl the helmet

And a final “I love you”.

That night, the boy traded his life

So that his girl lived on.

He paid the ultimate sacrifice

So her love would not be withdrawn.

Now think about this long and hard:

Would you have done the same?

Is the love that is present in your life

Worth such a burning exclaim?

Within the walls of modern worlds

Love means so many things.

From relationships so far in youth

To marriage and diamond rings.

Although these may cause a loss

Of money and time well spent,

Is this really all unending love means

And connections can represent?

If our actions spoke every word of passion

To show just how much we care,

Then the world of romance would forever change

Beyond any length of compare.

If we were to look past selfish wants

Possessions and excessive greed

Then we too could act out of heroic passion

In selfish acts that exceed.

So consider the life you deem so dear

And feelings held so far above.

How much could you give in selfless act

And would you sacrifice all… for love?

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