Rune Kingdom

By @MusicEmpire

Rune Kingdom

By @MusicEmpire

Xeris Avali never understood why she was different, but when a new king comes to the image, a darkness comes with him.

Chapter 1


I made my way down the barely lit hallway, my heavy boots clanking against the hard concrete. I grabbed a torch off the wall to my left and looked down the spiral staircase that lurked at the end of the hall. Even though this world has been fairly magic free for thirty years now, I could still feel the thrum of dark magic coming from those stairs.

         I carefully made my way down, torch in one hand, sword in the other. I was about one flight down, when I heard the noise. An ominous murmur, coming from whatever waited for me at the bottom of these stairs. Not a murmur like people talking, voices. It sounded as if millions of souls were asking, begging, to be free. I blocked out the noise and continued to walk down the stairs.

         As I got closer to the bottom the voices got louder, the artifact was closer. I sighed and put my sword away. What am I doing? The second I grab the bottle of souls I won’t be same. But then again…it will allow magic to live freely in Aradin. I stepped off the last stair and stared at the glowing purple bottle that sat atop an oak wood podium. I’m smart enough to know that there has to be a tripwire of some sort, nobody would leave all the souls of the old world just sitting there without any protection other than the White Knights at the gate. I took the leather knapsack off my back and took out a bag of ground up salt turned to powder. I threw the powder outwards in front of me. The powder covered the wires so I knew exactly where they were.

         I carefully stepped over the wires and walked over to the bottle. It was shaped like a potion bottle with too many curves. Almost like a snowman with no head. I could see thousands of tiny faces that looked like lost souls. I reached back to the side pocket of the knapsack. I pulled out a cloth an a small vile of clear liquid and poured some onto the cloth. I picked up the bottle and quickly wiped under it. The liquid causes any sensors to fail and think the bottle was still there.

         I stuck the bottle in the knapsack and made my way back up the stairs, using a teleport stone, the only kind of magic still legalized, I teleported back to the capital. Rushing to the King’s castle immediately. When I entered the throne room, the king chuckled. “So, Desci, you are here to spend the rest of your life in prison?” He laughed with his despicable grin shining. I shook my head and laughed. “You know I don’t go by that name anymore, Cousin. And no, I’m here for an entire wing of this castle and magic to be legalized.” I said, pulling out the Vile of Souls.

         The kings pale, ghost like face was priceless. He didn’t even speak for at least five minutes. I giggled. “Did you really think I would just give up?” He stuttered something inaudible and I laughed. “I’ll deliver this to the royal wizard and I expect my wing of the castle to be ready by net week.” I said, walking away to the town that awaited below the castle.

         I had lived in that village until I was sixteen. My mom had died that year and my dad was so saddened by the event that he got sick himself. I had to practically be on my on because I had to hunt to take care of my dad. I eventually had to go to stealing gold to buy things…and that’s when I got caught. That’s how I’m in this situation now. The king said I either find the Vile of Souls or go to prison. I added some rewards to finding the Vile, and now I’m on my way to tell my dad.


         I walked into the old wooden house, my dad was in the kitchen, cooking something. I set down my stuff and tiptoed to him. I giggled quietly and yelled “BOO!” and he jumped, spinning around and laughing, before hugging me. “Your back!” He said. “I take it you got the Vile?” I nodded “Yep! We are moving into the castle next week!” I smiled. He frowned. “Desci…. I have to show you something.” He said, grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs, to my mom’s old room. “She wanted to give you this when you turned twenty…and since that’s in a few days…here.” He handed me a box, and inside of it was the most elegant dagger I have ever seen.

         It was elven, and clearly was custom made. The blade was sharp, and lined with the finest and sharpest magic metal ive ever seen. The handle was a white marble, gold weaving between the cracks. A layer of teal, vine like casing surrounded the marble to protect the clearly expensive handle. Next to the dagger was its holder and a picture of my mother and I when I was a child. On closer inspection, the handle of the dagger said this

“In time. In stars. In Magic. I will always be there.” -Mom.

         My throat tightened and my eyes burned. I leaned into my dad, who was already in tears, and laughed. “She would kill us if she saw what babies were being.” I said, strapping the dagger case to my belt and sliding the dagger inside. My dad nodded, walking downstairs. “Don’t you have something to take to the royal wizard?” He said, and I ran down the stairs and bolted out the door.

         When I arrived at the cracked, vine covered stone tower, the Wizard greeted me. His pale, wrinkled face turned in a giddy smile. His long, gray beard rising with his mouth. He tucked in his purple and black robes. He looked at me expectantly. “Do you have the Vile? Or are you coming to tell me goodbye for the next century?” I scoffed. “I got the Vile you idiot.” I said, handing him the Vile. He laughed happily. Thank you! Your powers should come to in a few days.” I nodded and made may way back home. 

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