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Kira and Sheryl run a small basement bakery in Paris near the Seine. They have a close knit group of friends that keep the piece between mortals and immortals. When a familiar face comes to town, the group finds themselves in an interesting situation.

Chapter 1


Paris, 1913

I sat by the window this time, admiring the gold tinge on the window frame. It’s odd being below the ground where the people’s feet kick up the dirt. I can almost never leave the window open for air as it will seep into the bakery. Mrs. Caron was ever so gracious to allow us a place in the basement beneath her inn.

“Kira, I’m heading out to market, do you want to come along?” Sheryl called from behind the counter.

“I think I’ll stay back and take care of some things.”

“Telepathically?” I laughed and got up from my chair.

“No, not at all.”

“Alright, if you insist.” She smiled before closing the front door. Aside from the sound of the oven, there wasn’t a considerable amount of noise outside. I hummed a tune to solve the silence and remove the bread from the oven. 

A heel knocked at the window, which made me startle. “Kira!” I paused before heading to the door.

“Yes?” The door whisked open.

“Are you busy at the moment?” Chelsea inquired, with Roman close behind her.  

“What’s this about?” I looked at Roman, my stomach sinking.

“Sorry, I know you-..”

“Hello again, Kira. “ He smiled hesitantly. Roman steps up to the narrow door of the bakery. He peers into before fully entering. His green eyes widen with delight. “I wasn’t sure I’d ever see you again.”

His eyes scanned for a chair closest to me and brought it over. He swung it around and plopped himself down. “Talking to you may be the best thing to happen to me today. ” I didn’t reply. “I actually didn’t know you worked down here.”

“We’ve been here for awhile. What brought you two down here?”

“Would you be willing to do us a favor?” I glared at him. “Mostly for me, but I understand if you choose to say no.” Chelsea moved uncomfortably in her seat.

“Depends on the favor.” He peered behind me.

“I need to break off a marriage.”


“I’m really not sure who else to ask…”

“Why would you even think of asking me?”

“Do you know the Corporal?”


“Do you know who the Corporal is?”


“Then that’s why I asked you. It’s much easier using someone who has no emotional attachment or knowledge of this person.” He crossed his arms.

I pursed my lips in agreement.

“Hear me out; this woman I know is betrothed to the Corporal, and both of them do not get along. I’m worried that if this falls through, she’s gonna get it.”

“And?” I became increasingly disinterested.

He sighed. “I love her, but she doesn’t know it.”

I scowled. We were in love once.

“I know this sounds ludicrous but, I’m not sure what else to do.” He took my hand. “Will you do it?”

“Do it? Do what?”

“Help me. I think we can break them up. ”

“Why would you- we do that?”

“Because…you’re clever and discreet. Chelsea is…not” Roman sheepishly looked at her, hoping she wouldn’t take too much of an offence to that. “Again you aren’t well known. You’ll blend in as…” He looked off to the side. ”As a lowly waiter for the event.”


“Okay, but only if you tell me exactly what I’m doing for you.”

“Of course. You have a box car for carrying things, correct?”

“Yes. Are we going to need to make a getaway?”

“Perhaps.” I stood up. Is this really going to work. I can’t imagine Sheryl allowing this.

“Do you think this should be discussed with the Corporal, too?” Chelsea asked. “Maybe he doesn’t want to get married either.”

I glanced at Roman. “What will you bring to the table in return for the car?” Roman is very crafty himself. 

“Anything you want, I’ll do my best to meet that.” I nodded.

“Alright. When are we going to execute this?”

“Tonight. Does that work?”



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