By @MJChatterton


By @MJChatterton

Join Mara Rose in an adventure full of twists, turns and paranormal events as she tried to uncover who RUMLA is and why her new house seems so familiar. Too familiar.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

There I was, crouched behind the dusty velvet couch, trying my hardest not to let it see me. The house shook from the violent winds outside. Lightening flashed and lit up the room. I clung to myself and I heard it laughing. I heard its name echo throughout the entire house. The large wooden door slammed over and over until it finally snapped off its hinges. I screamed as I heard the wood crack. I quickly pressed my hands over my mouth, thinking it must’ve heard me. My head started to spin as the couch slowly pulled away from me, revealing my hiding spot. I saw it standing over me, the most evil smile painted across its snow white face. 

I shot up in bed, sweating and shivering, trying to catch my breath. I looked around my room and blinked until my eyes adjusted to the dark. I reach over and turned on my light, scanning the room once more. Id been having the same nightmare for months and every night I wake up drenched in a cold sweat. I tossed my covers to the side and slid out of bed, making my way to the bathroom. I ran the cold water and splashed it over my face. I stood and looked in the mirror, my eyes going wide. I saw scratch marks across my chest. I ran my fingers over them gently, they were hot to the touch. I leaned into the mirror to examine the marks closely, they seemed to make out the letter R. My fear turned to confusion.

 I stared into the mirror not knowing what to think or feel. I headed back to my room, when I got to the door I noticed the light was turned off. I stepped in and felt my way to my bed, turning the light on once more. There was no way I was gonna be able to sleep without it. I laid back and pulled the covers up to my neck and gripped them. I kept shifting my eyes to each corner of the room. After what seemed like hours I finally drifted to sleep.

I woke the next morning to my chest burning. I sat up in bed and placed my hand over my chest, feeling the scratch marks from the night before. I sighed and dragged myself to the bathroom, stripped my clothes and started the water for my shower. I turned to grab my toothbrush when I noticed the marks on my chest were bright red, not only that, but right next to the R was a U carved into my flesh. I blinked my eyes, thinking I must be seeing things. Sadly, when I opened my eyes the marks were still there, almost staring at me, taunting me. I shook my head and stepped into the shower.

. Just as I wet my hair I heard my mother calling.

“Mara Rose! Hurry up, weve got to get to the open house in an hour!”

“Im coming!” I shout in response.

I hurridly wash up and get dressed, making sure to find something that will cover these scratches until they go away. I jog down the stairs and see my mother waiting by the door.

“Lets go Mara, were gonna be late”

“Mom do we really have to go see this house? Whats wrong with this one?”

“Honey, weve been over this a thousand times, now lets go”

I follow my mother out to car and get in, slamming the door.

“Come on honey, youre gonna love it”

“Somehow I doubt that”

We seemed to drive forever, though wed only been in the car for less than an hour. Finally, we pulled up to an old victorian, much like every other one youll find here in New England. I reluctantly walked up the house. As soon as I stepped in, I got the distinct feeling Id been there before. My eyes scanned the room and landed on a dusty red velvet couch. My body went cold and my hand went to my chest like a reflex, brushing over the scratch mark hidden under my shirt.

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