Rules To Middle School

By @DontMessWithMeKidz

Chapter 1

Rule 1: You cannot, and I repeat CANNOT, wear things with fluffy birds, or, knitted jumpers or MY DAD IS A SUPERHERO stuff. Nuh-uh. And you may only wear unicorns if you are already popular and everyone adores you.

Rule 2: If you are a girl, SPEAK YOUR MIND. For some reason i have found that guys are ALL OVER open-minded girls. If you are a boy, be funny, but think before you say stuff because I find when guys speak their mind it does not end well. Sorry.

Rule 3: Dont bother with popular kids cuz they are normally stuck-up SNOBS who dont know how to count to ten.

Rule 4: You are allowed to have a favourite teacher but dont bring it up because you will end up with kids bombarding you with stuff like, “they are amazing!” or “They taught me how to spell shoe!” or “She is my aunt!”

Kinda thing and that is really annoying.

Rule 5: Have a list of come-backs. You WILL end up with kids who are constantly saying really LAME things and then everyone around them is like, “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” and it is as annoying as anything so yep. If you get really good comebacks at the ready, you can stump them and the same kids who were screaming their lungs out before will be like, “oh, they got you!” and the joke will be on your opponent because school IS a battleground and people WILL get hurt.

Rule 6: Once you enter middle school the whole”girls have cooties” and “Boys have the personality of coat hangers” kinda goes out the window, so in order to have more friends and be more popular you must have friends of both sex. which leads me to my next rule….

Rule 7: Alot of kids will over and over again make jokes about or talk about sex and puberty. you WILL have to get used to it and not be vulnerable because it is one of the main lunch topics at any school so yeah.

Rule 8: This is my last rule. (sorry if it wasnt LONG ENOUGH for all you picky readers out there! >:() believe it or not you have to be good at math. I am 12 and I think it SUCKS but all teachers will be like,” you dont understand a problem? go talk to emily!” or something and then emily will think you are a dumbo cuz she is smarter than you. and if that isnt enough, most popular kids are actually good at math, and the better you are the more popular you will be.

BTW if you think you should just, BE YOURSELF you will die in school.

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