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Royal Blood

By @Kaalakaua


Curse you! How dare you do this to me! Seto I trusted you with my own life, and now you have deceived me, and the very ones you loved! I shall kill you where you stand! “. 

 “300 B.C as for 3000 years ago, the Egyptian King, ran an army against the dark God Anubis. It was the ancient war times, where the curse would flow over the valleys of the villagers, if but not only one man, one King, could save them. War and blood shared by the innocence drew the villagers from their homes, their lives. This was the reign of the Great King Atem, he who would obey the laws, and treated his servants with grace. 

Birth place of Priest Seto, pride keeper, and bringer of duel monsters. Home of Anzu the pharaoh’s mistress; no other man was allowed to touch her. Yet, she had secrets, secrets that she kept from the pharaoh, not allowing him to ever know what she was truly after. This was only the beginning she kept telling herself. 7 High Guards, with 4 high God’s more monster, than men. Even the great King Atem had to plead, and beg them to spare his people’s lives. It’s the law, the rules of the ancient book of the dead. 

When men, or women falls for another, they must perform a secret ritual, which is binded by their love. For if one, is pure of evil, that shall be their death. The soldier’s scream to battle, one by one, conquering all. Darkness descends a upon the land of Egypt, and only one can stop it.

Something is bringing death to these people, and a target is at hand. The Pharaoh does not know who is against him, he does not know, when the dark God Anubis shall return. Yet, he will be prepared, for he who has the armor of light, shall be the one to bring peace to Egypt. We all bow down to our savior, our Highness, our King, Pharaoh Atem!

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