By @Wolfkitty

The Forbidden, they call themselves. A group of mysterious creatures, stealing orphans, never to be seen again. However, when an orphan boy by the name of Jack gets stolen, he is taken to the Farlands, a place where no human dares to go, and the place where the creatures have been raising orphans all along. Jack has a choice to reveal the location of the creatures, or join the creatures and unlock powers no human could ever obtain.

Chapter 1



Under the lunar light lay a little girl, about the age of eleven. She slept against the cold, cobblestone ground.


She cried as she slept. The surrounding trees rustled in a cold wind. The girl shivered while sobbing due to the cold wind.

In her mind, her mother called to her. As she ran closer, her mother seemed to teleport further, though still calling to her.

Then, she woke up.

“Mama!” she called. Nobody responded.

She propped herself up against a cold, rusty, metal pipe, crying. Her mama was dead, and she couldn’t do anything about it. Then, she felt something brush against her. Looking up, she saw a weird creature. It was pitch black, and only had a mouth. Its arms were bulky, and it had claws. Against the forested background, it looked like a creature of madness.

“Please, don’t kill me!” the girl screamed.

The creature then picked her up and bit into her skin.

It didn’t hurt.

The creature took the girl away, into an unknown place.

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