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By @meghan_carter

The amusement park at Michigan’s Adventures smelled of cotton candy and fear before we got off the bus. The scent was so strong, you could smell it from the highway. After my group and I had already been on all of the small kiddie rides, Kassidy finally spoke up and said something.

“Guys, it’s time to face the big girl rides,” said Kass, obviously referring to Jamie and I. “We have been on enough rides and I think you’re ready for SHIVERING TIMBERS!”

Everyone else responded, “It’s going to be so much fun”, “let’s do it”.

But Jamie and I looked at each other laughed and shouted, “No way, we can’t!”

“Fine then, will start of small with Wolverine and work our way up.” Everyone nodded and agreed.

Though I was pretending to have fun I was nervous I could have peed my pants. Usually I would back down from my fears because I’m neither brave nor a risk taker. Kass tried to pump us up while in line by saying, “Don’t worry about it, just have fun!” Even Though it was hot and muggy, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, I wasn’t going to let those conditions ruin my time.

While I quietly gave myself a small pep talk, “You’ve got this, you’ll be fine.”

We entered the rollercoaster and there was no looking back now. My heart was beating faster than normal and I was almost acting giddy because I was so nervous. Wolverine is the second biggest rollercoaster at the park. The rollercoaster is also wooden and ragged which, doesn’t help with my nerves.

As the rollercoaster began and the drop off was coming up, I could see the whole park. Despite the fact that I was scared out of my mind the view was pretty amazing. Before I knew it, we dropped, just like that. I always hated the drop off part but this time it wasn’t so bad. The ride was coming to an end and I felt like I could rule the world. Of course I went to far and said,

“If I can do that, then I can do anything, like go on SHIVERING TIMBERS !” I knew I was kidding when I said that but everyone else thought I was being serious and actually wanted to go on it.

“Yesss, finally. Let’s go ride a fun ride!” yelled Kass.

“I was kidding but, might as well do it while we can!”

Every time I’ve gone to Michigan Adventures, which has been only 2 times, all I see is this terrifying roller coaster that’s just hill after hill and more never ending hills. Now I was about to aboard that scary coaster.

There were no lines so I didn’t have to wait in anticipation for very long. Yet the ride up was the longest minute ever, it seemed like forever. I looked down for only a second and started to panic. I felt bad for the others on the ride because while panicking I had already started yelling before we had fallen. Now we’re falling.

Most people say to shut your eyes when your on the ride, so I did and it just made things worse. I couldn’t see so I kept panicking and yelling. In that short moment before the next hill came up I realized I had two options: Option one was to keep yelling and not have fun. Option two******* up, put my hands up and have fun.

For that second I completely forgot about my jitters when I remembered Kass’s voice in my head saying, “Don’t worry about, just have fun.” So I put my hands up and had fun.

Swoosh. The ride goes under what almost looks like a portale. But now the ride is slowly slowing down to a stop. As we come to a stop to wait for the other ride to leave, I look up at the enormous hill and think, I just rode that! I started rattling on about the ride and how much fun I had. Then Lauren, who sat right next to me, laughs and comments,

“Meghan, you weren’t even screaming you were just yelling.” I process that in my head and try to remember me yelling but I can’t recall. So I reply, “I did, was Ifunny?”

Lauren giggles, “Yeah!”

“Well you did it,” said Kass

“Yeah I did,” I said trying to cover up all the excitement.

There was no question about it, I definitely wanted to go again. So after we got off, we hopped right back on and repeated the adventure all over again.

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