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“Welcome to Roe; where the lights never dim and the sun never comes up. Enjoy your stay!”

The sound of flesh hitting flesh rings out in the dark alley. Someone sighs, a mechanical sound that pairs well with disappointment and bitter laughs.

“Enjoy your stay, huh? What *********** Keitan turns his head, wiping his knife on his shirt. The metal glints in the dim light. Running his hands against the edge of the blade, he waits until a single drop of red blood emerges from his finger. Blue eyes meet red ones and a whimper comes from a girl as she tries to back up into the wall. Her head meets solid brick as she cries out again. He presses his finger on her forehead, and smears the blood into a pattern so recognizable that it instills emotion in people who have lost most of long ago. Keitan’s hands tangle up in her blonde hair as he keeps staring her down, lips curving into that dangerous smile of his.

So many people have seen that smile. Their dead, glassy eyes have looked upon it more than once.

“What a pity, you’re so pretty.” He grins at the obvious genius coming from those last few words before slamming her head back into the wall. Tears fall on his knuckles, and a cry is about to run from the girl’s lips when he covers her mouth with his other hand, knife dangerously close to her eyes.

Keitan pulls his hand away. She opens her mouth but when he shakes his head, she closes her lips and eyes. A shudder runs through her body and something else takes over her countenance; the grim realization of death. She had accepted it, though quicker than most. The knife glints in the dim light that’s crawled into the alley once more. The same light that allowed Keitan to see exactly which nerve to pierce as he heard the soft hiss of his blade cut through skin.

“Welcome to Roe.”


“Another girl?” Hands the color of a milky twilight picked up limp blonde strands of hair, although they did it with a certain gentleness that the rest of Roe seemed to be missing. A wry smirk slipped over his lips, as his eyes searched for Keitan. The man in question stood near the doorway, his hands slowly unbuttoning his shirt. “Never knew you had a thing for blondes, Keitan.”

“Shut up Axel. Hurry and ship her off or you won’t get any tonight.”

Axel grinned and continued dressing the girl up, closing her eyes. Grabbing the small (and admittedly cheap) makeup palette and started painting her face with cosmetics. Nobody paid well for an ugly corpse. Humming a slight tune, he called over Keitan.

“Put my hair up, it’s getting in my eyes.” Rolling his eyes, the brunette pulled Axel’s gray hair up into a ponytail.

“Why didn’t you do it before starting?” Keitan mumbled with annoyance under his breath and purposely let his fingers trail an extra second on Axel’s neck.

“Stop doing that.”

“Just hurry up Axel.” He resisted the urge to kiss him as he sat down next to the gray haired man. Axel wasn’t old. He was only in his early twenties, but had dyed his hair this way. It was permanent, but Keitan didn’t mind, in fact he preferred it.

“Can you braid her hair?”


“Who else am I talking to? Her? You didn’t have a problem carrying her dead body here. Did you even find out her name?”

“Maybelle.” Hands shaking ever so slightly, her started braiding the hair. It was soft and smelled like flowers. All of the new ones did. Finishing off the hair, he tied it off and backed away as if the girl was toxic. Keitan looked at Axel’s wide shoulders as the breath slowly returned to his lungs. He stood up when the gray haired male did.

“Let’s take her to Val.”

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