Robyn Hood

By @KyraVer

Robyn Hood

By @KyraVer

Robyn, daughter of a Duke lived in the Palace and trained from Queen Eleanor, to be a member of the Court, like her parents. But she keeps a secret, dangerous for her and her family.

Chapter 1

The first sight.

 It was been some days from when I start to work in the Court of Eleanor. I am the youngest here in the Palace. I come from Midland, an incredible town circling with deep forest. I like that place, but I had to come to Leo, the capital city of Cymerian Empire. I have a place in the Court us a Queen’s Acolyte. My mother used to be Queen’s assistant before I was born. Now is my turn. 

 I and my cousin Will took our breakfast in the staff dining area. “What will do on the rest?” he asked me. “Oh, I will not be here. I must follow the Queen in her vacation…” I replied. “What about that date, Robyn?” he asked. “We are relatives…” I said and we laughed. “Come on now! Our mothers are second cousins,” he said back, “Anyway if you need any help I will be there.” Will continued. I smiled and I went to my chamber.

 When I went into my chamber I opened my closet and I grabbed my suitcase. I packed some jeans and shirts, two evening gowns and two pairs of shoes. I took a small bag and I put in my makeup essentials and my shampoo and conditioner. My suitcase was ready. One servant came in. “Madam, your uniform…” she said and she delivered me a blue suit bag. I thanked her. 

 Tomorrow is the first time that I will go “on vacation” with the Royal family. For several people, this is an honour, but not for me. I don’t like them, I don’t hate them but I don’t feel comfortable here. Many of us have superpowers. It’s ok to have one power, but if someone doesn’t have one or if someone has more it much deferent. I have two powers. I am a Watcher, I can see perfectly in the dark and I can spot things that others can’t see, and a Silk, I have perfect balance and enhanced agility. All know that I am a Silk. 

 I wore my uniform and I run into the foyer. Eleanor, Richart and a young man at my age were here. “Robyn, come here,” she commanded me. She pointed at the young man, “Robyn, he is Marius. Richard’s friend. He will come with us to Iconia. He has healing powers.” Eleanor said. ” And here, Marius, is Robyn. My Acolyte. She is Silk.” she continued. Marius smiled at me. “Mother, can you, please, free Robyn for her duties for today?” Richard asked. “You know that Robyn works here,” Eleanor said. “But, mother, she will accompany us in Iconia. She will lose her vacation.” Richard said. “Richard, my dear, Robyn is not your friend. Someday she will become one of your consultants,” she replied. “Richard, please listen to her highness,” I said. Richard left with Marius. 

 Eleanor grabbed me and she dragged me into her chamber. “Tell me the truth, Robyn, and… and I will save you. Henry may know something. Tell me and I will save you.” Eleanor said. “I thought that you know, your highness. I thought that your mother has warned you about my condition.” I said. “Yes, she told me, but you liked Marius.” she said, “Don’t tell me lies, Robyn, I am a Reader. You can’t ley me.” she continued. “You have right, your highness, I liked him,” I said. 

 She didn’t say anything. I returned to my chamber. Will has left me a note:

  I will come to Iconia. My cousin too. 

 Who cousin is he wright about? I did that we are only work in the Palace for our family. Maybe he talked about his father’s or his stepmother’s family. I called a servant to grab my suitcase for the travel. When he left I changed clothes and I grabbed my bow. It was a typical Midlander’s bow, nothing special. 

 I went to the training room. I open the computer and I run a Stealth Archery Simulation. A hard one. I locked the room completely. “Hi, Robyn? Right?” I hear someone to call me. It was Marius. “Yeah, Robyn. Hello Marius. How you came in? I was locking the door for the inside.” I said. “Only a Watcher can handle this difficulty level and you are a Silk,” he said. “I don’t think so that a healer can open just like that a double safety door…” I said ironically. “I am not only a healer, Robyn. I am also an Ingotor. Richard and Eleanor know. Eleanor said that you have double power. I will never tell anything.” Marius said. I didn’t trust him. “Prouve it!” I shouted. I closed the Simulation and I deleted the computer’s history. We went to the door. He touched the handle and pushed it down. The locked door then opened. “How?” I asked. “When I came in I closed it again. It was dangerous to lest it open,” he said. “Friends ?” I asked. “Friends,” he said. 

 He came along with me until my champer. He told me that he had a cousin in the Knights and he studied law with Richard. 

 I was smiling all day long. He was so kind and gentleman. He didn’t know anything about guns and weapons, that was silly for a noble in a Civil war (almost Civil war) time. 

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