By @AutisticLed

'Irrespective of any differences it may have…..If we take it on as ours, we should love it all the same. ' Lucas is a rebel against the norms.
 He's adapted to his surroundings and made a life for himself.
 He has a job, his own flat and yet he's not satisfied.  

He is masking as a muted, safe version of himself most days and it's draining.

 This story of self-discovery reveals more than first expected. Every impact has Ripples.

Chapter 1


10 years earlier: The Beginning

Approaching my end, I tread along Birch Bridge overlooking the river and I am ready to jump.

My last few moments set in a loop reverberating around my tortured mind’s echo chamber.

And yet I smile at the irony of the water’s ripples that seem to symbolise the potential of a new beginning.

The past is in my hands but inside I am lifeless.

But it is too late for me.

I have found solace in solitude and it is time for me to go.

My sins command me to cleanse my soul.

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