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Rewind My Life

By @PoetKay

Let My Life Rewind

Murder is irreversible, I can not turn back time, Although I wish my life could rewind.

My life is boring, silly and draining, and all people hear is me complaining, I wish my life would rewind.

Friends are fake and family is bad, enemies crawl underneath my skin, why can’t my life rewind?

Depression is hard and anxiety is near, Why can’t my path become clear? Why can’t my life rewind?

I scroll on my phone everyday, Praying I look like those pretty Instagram models, Bu I can not, I feel like a blood clot, Let my life rewind.

Death is a thought, That’ll linger close to me, I might try it someday, Hopefully I’ll succeed, Can My Life rewind?

I hate everything, Life Is fake, I feel ignored and hated, I may be surrounded by smiling faces, But that does not mean i can not fake it, Will my life rewind?

My friends are my enemies, My jokes are my woes, Can my life rewind?

My partner is bewitched by another, Will they have another lover? If i seek help from someone, Am I really in a depressive position?

Whilst I am sitting with beloved people, I feel like a repellent, drowning other people, Let my Life rewind.

I feel like a nuisance, distracting peoples happy places of relaxation, why do I have to carry on? This boulder on my back is making me bleed, Let my Life rewind.

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