By @Lornrick


By @Lornrick

A outlook on life and recovering from stumbles in it

Chapter 1


Life. We start as nothing, shapeless, a small seed filled with endless possibilities. The ground in which we start our trial is not of our choosing, chance spins its wheel as fate watches on. The lucky few start in fertile ground; soft, plenty of water and nourishment, and open space to grow. Others start in hard ground; crowded, choked with rocks. The truly unlucky start in poisonous ground; hostile, formidable, dark. Little hope lies here.

And our first test begins as our roots start to try and spread, to take hold, and here we start to lose some already. Some choked by the rocks, unable to find room to start. Some wither from lack of nourishment and die. Some are poisoned from the start, unable to adapt and succumb to the toxins. Others lack the strength to even start and take root; too frail to face what life has presented them. So they die almost right away, some slow, some fast. But for those who manage the first test, spreading their roots and breaking through the ground, they are greeted by wonders all around them. They see the stars, the sun and the moon, others who have grown already, marvels that spark imagination and want, and dreams. And we begin to reach all the above us with such hungry longing.

So we begin to form. Our roots become our strength, balance and memory. Our trunks become our core, defense and shape. Our branches become our dreams, desires and ambitions. How do we grow? Is there balance between the roots and branches? Do we stay strongly grounded while we reach for our dreams? Do we grow thick skins to protect our core? Or do we stay thin and vulnerable? Do we grow flexible, able to bend and twist as we encounter others and nature? Or do we grow ridged, standing our ground, using the strength of our roots to keep us planted strong? 

We start to lose branches as some dreams die, but grow new ones as we continue to grow and try to reach the endless sky and countless stars. Here we lose some more as some dream too much, reaching too fast; all dreams no roots. So they fall with the weight of reality and lack of strength and base to support the ambitions they let drive them. For others, the poison finally eats them hollow, the core and the roots destroyed from the inside. But, many times, it’s beyond their control. Others can’t compete and are lost to the stronger faster growing oaks that consume all they can in their insatiable quest for glory, little caring of those who must be sacrificed to achieve it. 

Also along the way we make contact with others, our roots and branches brush and share, exchanging hopes and dreams. Others may fight and strangle those weaker. Or, there may be weird mixes of both. Many open themselves to other creatures, allowing parts of themselves to be hollowed so that others may live and grow from their shelter. They grow together, sometime both benefiting. Other times the creatures just take and leave them so hollow that the core is left empty and destroyed, unable to support itself any more, and they slowly die.

So that is a trial; some interactions help us grow, while others hurt us, take our strength, nourishment, and space to grow. So, as always, balance is the key. And the roots the most important as they can keep us standing, strong with memories from our past of what to do, and ready for what to come. We also face much damage; skin is chipped away, branches break and fall, we can be burnt, or left without sun or water. Holes, disease, countless competition, storms and the earth itself are all challenges we must face. So we try and keep our roots growing strong, so we stay strong. And as life goes on we grow, we reach, we fail and we succeed. We look for others to grow with, we lose others who fail and die.

Some will face utter destruction; all branches gone, leaving them without dreams, the trunk, the very core, cracked, broken, left exposed to more damage, defenseless. Our roots strained to breaking, weak, racked with constant pain, and shattered memories … so little left, all in anguish. The question, the choice must be answered.

To wither and die? Or Reviresco?

Pain ravages all that remains, leaving it so weakened and filled with pain and despair that all that was known is lost. However, our core and roots remember all that it took to get to the point before the destruction; the trials, the pains, the sacrifice, the joys, the failures and successes. We can be at such a point that to just give in, to stop the pain and let ourselves be consumed by the earth … just to hurt no more seems a real choice. We try and think as all around us is now unknown, all we worked for gone, and ask why? Why try? Why face all we must to possibly just get to this point again? But … what if … what if just a spark of strength remains in the roots we buried deep and made strong all this time? What if we can break through the pain, re-grow, even though knowing we will never be the same as we were? Re-grow the core, rebuild our defenses, and let new branches strive one last time for the sky? What if we persevere and try one more time? Then maybe, just maybe we can be stronger, this time reach higher, find something new we never thought of before? And become more than we were before, filled with deeper knowledge! Become more than we ever thought we could ever be! Can we find that strength, make the dare, can we Reviresco…to rise and grow strong again?

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