By @Jawbreakers02


By @Jawbreakers02

Tripp Hollister is a runaway New Guard soldier from London with a horrifying, abusive background. Qrow Hendricks is the prince of Germany, promised to the heir when his father dies. Autumn Agreste is a former model and Paris vigilante, protecting her home and her family. When these three come together, they fight for their rights as heroes and star-crossed lovers through a series of trials and events not only strengthening their bond but making them stronger than they have ever been before.

Chapter 1


A piece of the past in Autumn’s perspective:

It takes extreme faith, endurance, teamwork and trust to be able to accomplish a mission this complicated. And we lacked one of those things, which is why we failed. Bad.

I could’ve sworn we had the whole thing in the bag; It played out perfectly. From the little distractions to the very end when we had him. We were so close.

The massive guy I was up against was pretty tough, not gonna lie. I’d already sliced him six different times, but he’s pretty withstanding. He grabbed the shaft of my broomstick I had been attacking him with as I swung it at him again, ripping it right out of my hands and whacking it against the side of my thigh as hard as he could before I could roll out of the way. You could see the determination to injure me in his expression as he set his jaw and narrowed his eyes at me. I cursed aloud, tensing up with the impact.

My skin beneath my black uniform pants stung and throbbed as I tried to run away to grab my Glock off the floor behind me (which he also smacked out of my hands) but ended up just doing a short limp-skip type thing.

As my back was turned, the stupid guy rammed the wider bristled part of the broom into the backs of my knees, making them buckle. I collapsed, grunting as my nose bashed the ground. I hissed in pain, the metallic and bitter taste of blood oozing into my mouth. Instead of getting up this time, I used my legs to push myself and army-crawl across the floor to get close enough to grab my 10mm. I snatched it back up into my shaky hands, rolling over onto my back and blind firing three shots into his direction.

Blam, blam, blam.

I quickly stood up, spitting the blood out of my mouth and running over to help the team. Before I could reach them, a dagger whizzed past my face, making me freeze. I slowly looked over, my eyes narrowed. One of Finch’s little red-headed side chicks stood there, smiling at me as she pulled another knife from her wrist sheath. I reflexively reach for my pistol, wrapping my hot, swollen fingers around the cool metal.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that,” She sneers. I lift my other hand to the top of the gun, grab the slide and **** it, raising it up and pointing it straight at her face. Her smile hardens and she turns just her head towards Finch, keeping her eyes on me.

“Finch,” She calls, her voice trying to remain steady. I hear a bullet slide into its ready place from another gun and I hold in a breath. I look up to see Finch with his arm wrapped around Eliza’s throat, his barrel pressed to her temple. Jerzei stood behind him, a handful of his hair bunched into her fist and her blade pressed to his throat. Tripp had his gun pointed at the redhead beside me and Adrien and Qrow had both their muzzles pointed at Finch; a little death circle we had going there.

“Drop your gun Autumn,” Finch warns. “or Elizabeth dies.”

I stay still, giving each one of my team members a glance before locking eyes with Finch again. I let my eyes fall down to his feet, and then I see something. The cord. His feet were in the cord.

I look at Tripp, eyes wide. He gives me a confused look but soon catches on to where I was nodding.

“Okay, I put my weapon down, Jerzei backs off, and you step away from Eliza,” Tripp says, bending down and setting his gun on the cement floor. He gives Jerzei a glance and she lifts the blade from his skin, flinging it to the ground and moving away as Tripp continues to sneak closer and closer to the dangling rope. I didn’t really figure out what he had planned, but I hoped it worked, ’cause if not, we’re all screwed for sure.

Finch hesitantly takes his arm away from Liz, eyeing us all doubtingly and taking a step back. Eliza inhales sharply, pressing her lips together tightly. Adrien moves behind Finch and Jerzei side-steps to the left, Qrow closing in on the right. He was surrounded.

Then, Tripp’s patience runs out and he makes a dart for it. Finch instantly raises his gun and shoots at Tripp, the bullet grazing his bicep. Tripp utters a growl of pain and grabs his arm, stumbles and grabs for the cord, using his body weight to hoist Finch up into the air. I spin around and run back to the old junk truck parked in the back between stacks of boxes, sliding under it to make my escape with Liz. Hopefully, she had listened and would follow orders. Hopefully.

When I got to the exit, she was still over there caught up in the mess. I cursed again and yelled her name, but too many shots were being fired for her to hear. I started to run back to the group, but I watched Finch raise his pistol again, pointing it at the group.

“Get down!” I scream, covering my head with my hands and dropping to the floor. The shot rang out and I winced, everybody going quiet. I slowly looked up, praying nobody got hit.

Please, God, I think as I look around to everybody on the floor. Please, please, please.

Then, my biggest nightmare came true. I heard Jerzei scream and jump up off the floor, covering her mouth. I look up, scrambling to my feet and rushing over to help. Elizabeth lay there on the ground, gasping and hunching over her stomach, arms wrapped tightly around her abdomen. My tears filled as I set shaky hands on her shoulder, trying to roll her over to look at me. She stared up at me, the fear displayed across her face sickening me. Tripp knelt down beside me, ripping his shirt off and handing it to me.

“Autumn,” She cried, reaching up for me with a bloody hand. “Help me, please help me,” She begged, her lip quivering.”I-I can’t,” I whisper, biting my lips as tears ran down my face in a steady flow as I pressed the cloth to her wound to stop the bleeding.

Adrien suddenly fell down to his knees in front of me, grabbing onto her torn and bloodied shirt with desperate hands. Nothing was working. I pressed harder and harder, but the blood came out faster and faster, soaking the shirt and tinting my hands red.

“No…” Qrow breathed, inhaling deeply as he tried to hold himself together. He stood up, snatching my daggers up off the floor beside me and turning to Finch, who hung there under the rafters, smirking and chuckling to himself. “That’s funny, huh?” He asks, aggressively stepping forward and grabbing his brother by the throat.”You nauseate me,” Qrow says in a low voice, striking him right in the face. Finch grunts, exhaling sharply as he shoots Qrow a ruthless look.”You mean absolutely nothing to me or our family,” He continues, his voice rising. He hit him again with such force his lip split open and blood spurted out of it and onto the ground. I flinch.

“You’re simply another disgrace to the bloodline, just like our father was.” He says behind gritted teeth, plunging my dagger straight into Finch’s gut. Finch gasped and tried to sit up, but Qrow put both hands on the handle to my blade, twisting it and pushing it deeper and deeper inside him. Once it was so deep I supposed it was protruding out his back, Qrow dragged the knife down the length of his belly, slitting him wide open.

I watched Adrien cover his mouth in shock and Jerzei hide her face, turning away as we watched some of his internals fall out of him, spilling out of his body and plopping onto the floor with a repulsive splat. I held back on the urge to throw up.

Blood poured out of Finch’s nose and mouth as he coughed and gagged, trying to move but not fighting back. Qrow squats down in front of his dying brother, grabbing his face and turning it to face him. He leaned closer to Finch’s face, giving him an evil grin and slightly tilting his head to the side.

“Now that was funny,” He sneers, violently pushing his head away before slowly standing back up, turning to us. When he saw us all gawking, wide-eyed, he bit his lip, looking away and wiping his hands off on his pants.

“****,” Tripp finally breathes, shattering the thick, uncomfortable silence. “That was… awesome.”

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