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By @ColorfulAlpaca

Day One

The sun shines brightly against my closed eyelids and I open them. A few small white clouds linger in the sky from yesterday’s storm. I pull my blanket off and swing my feet off my bed, and glance at the clock. Nine. I rub my eyes, sighing. “Ayla! Breakfast!” My dad yelled up the stairs. Mom must have already left for work. “Coming,” I called back standing up. I grabbed my book and opened my bedroom door. “Ayla!” My dad yelled again. “I said I’m coming!” I yelled louder. “Don’t yell downstairs,” My dad replied. I refrained from laughing as I shut the bathroom door.

“It was quite a storm last night,” my dad called.“Oh goodness,” hesaid as I sat down. “I thought you must’ve gone into a coma you were asleep so long,” my dad teased. “We both know you didn’t wake up more than thirty minutes ago yourself,” I answered. “Mom’s the one that wakes up early.” Dad nodded his agreement. The ring of the doorbell entered the house as I finished eating. “That’s probably-” my dad sighed “Dylan.” I laughed and handed dad my plate as the doorbell screamed again. “No, it’s Harper. We made plans yesterday.” Relief rushed to dad’s face and I laughed again. “Bye.”

“Took you long enough,” Harper said as I shut the door. “Oh come on, you know I wake up late in the summer.” Harper crossed her arms. “It’s summer vacation, Ay. We’re supposed to make the most of it,” She replied. “Harper, Harper, Harper, I am making the most of it. By sleeping.” Harper rolled her eyes as we crossed the street. “Harper! Ayla!” We turn around to see Dylan approaching us. “Oh, hi Dylan.” Harper waved Dylan over, smiling. “Where are you guys off to?” He asked. “Dunno,” Harper answered. “Anywhere that isn’t a house.” She nudged me and I punched her in the arm lightly. “Ay’s still sleeping in?” Dylan laughed. Harper nodded and proceeded to imitate me sleeping. “Why are you acting like a dying pig?” I asked snorting. “Why do you act lie a dying pig when you sleep!?” She shot back, grinning. Dylan waved and moved around Harper. “See you tomorrow,” he said smiling and waving. Harper stopped rolling around on the ground and snorting to wave. “You scared him off,” I teased as we started walking again. Harper looked uncomfortable. “What’s up?” She looked up. “Besides the sky, the fact he called you Ay,” she answered sarcastically. “So?” She looked at me, her eyes fidgety. “I don’t know,” she said finally. “I’ll tell him to stop if you want,” I replied as we approached the mall. I grinned at Harper and pulled her across the parking lot. “Oh come on, Ayla! Not again.” She slapped her forehead and let me drag her into the mall. “Where to first?” Harper rubbed her stomach. “Food?” I shrugged. “I just ate bre-” she laughed and walked towards the food court. “You woke up at nine, I woke up at seven. I’m hungry. Besides, who denies food?”

Later that day we crossed paths with Dylan on our way to a cafe. “Hello stranger,” I said in a robotic voice. He turned around and smiled. “Hello random people, why do you dare speak?” Harper nudged me. “Oh, right. Dylan, not to be rude or anything-” Dylan forced sarcastic fear on his face, and grinned. “Harper was wondering if you could not call me ‘Ay’ it’s kind of a name she thought of when we were little.” Dylan looked hurt for a few seconds, but shook it off. “Yeah. Of course. Sure. Yes. Sorry.” He started to walk away but I grabbed his arm. “Dylan, it’s okay I’m so-” He smiled. “It’s fine, we’ll talk tomorrow.” I sighed and glanced at Harper. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause anything,” she said. “No, I know. It’s perfectly fine. I just hope he’s not mad.” she snorted. “He looks it.” “Harper.” “Yeah?” “Not helping.” “Sorry.”

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