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Remnant (Book One)

By @RaieaSalerno


There I was, gasping for air, panting, wondering where I was. It all happened so rapidly. My hair was wet, and it implied I was floating in midair. No. Water. I was on water. I couldn’t move either. It was gloomy, cold … eerie. It seemed like my ankles and wrists were shackled with a thousand daggers stabbing through my chest.

Wait. Who am I? Where am I? What the hell is going on?

I was contained in water.

When I shifted my legs, they barely moved. My arms were stiff, and my chest was burning fiercely for some unknown reason. My body was also touching a cold surface beneath me, half sunken in water.

I proved the best I could to not drown, even though I was sure I was going to anyway. When I moved my head to see properly, it contacted some sort of cloth when I tried to see which felt like mesh. My hair lashed my face which struck water in my eyes. I narrowed my eyes to trickle the stinging water out, but it was no use.

I squirmed uncomfortably, attempting to make sense of the situation. Honestly, I.

It was black and the only thing I could see was a glaring light ahead.

Wait, a light.

Instantaneously, the light got more vivid and pierced my eyes, shining through the net. A weird intruding sound bled my ears. I felt like I knew nothing. Everything that just happened disappeared so instantly.

All I could do was close my eyes since I couldn’t move. Then, I instantly dropped with the distinctive sound of massive doors banging against a wall.

I hit the ground after a few seconds, water dropped on top of me.

“Agh!” I cried out. I wounded my ankle and my back.

I groped the ground, feeling the cold, wet tile. I realized I was wearing was shorts and nothing else. My face felt unknown. The water trickled down my neck, making its way to my back. It stung my skin, retracting my movements due to the incredibly frigid water. I shook uncontrollably.

“Hello?! Anyone?!” I screamed, voice echoing after.

No response. I got up. I blindly swiped my hands, feeling for walls. I almost slipped in the act due to the water and my twisted ankle. Who knows how big this place is? Aha, a surface. A wall maybe. Wait, a door handle. I rotated it, hearing a clicking sound.


Locked, **** it. I struck my fist against the wall in anger. I searched around more, only to get nothing.

I looked up to see where I fell from, but it was extremely dark. 

Why is it dark?

The sole thing that I could perceive was the mesh above some sort of opened trapdoor, huge and made from thick metal. It was only about ten feet above me as far as I could tell. I probably fell from that. Maybe some chains in there too, but I wasn’t too certain.

I think I was grasped by those, and they released me when I fell. I chafed my wrist at the thought. The ceiling seemed to not end, going beyond continuously with no closure. It was just a very deep web up there. It looked like a huge sensory deprivation tank. But why did I have to fall?

Subsequently, that same locked door shone a bright light. 

I looked towards it for a brief second then looked away, squinting. A silhouette of a man a few inches taller than me wandered my direction very slowly. His steps echoed throughout the room and squeaked with the water that covered the floor. I held up my fists, looking down to prevent the light from blinding me.

“Who the hell are you? Where am I? What are you doing with me?” I blindly asked, voice cracking.

He shook his head, not announcing anything. Then, two more people who wore military clothing approached and held me up, maintaining a firm grip on my arms. I squirmed, but they gripped me tighter. My fighting was no use as I was to hurt and stiff to try. We walked through a door, me closing my eyes to the vivid light.

When it died down, my mind woke up. I realized I was in some sort of lab. We were walking down a lasting white hallway. The guy I initially saw walk through the door escorted us. People in camouflage suits, like armed people, lined the hallway and wielded guns.

They looked exactly like the men holding me. It smelled of bleach and chlorine which burned my nostrils. The walls were primarily constructed of glass with people on tables behind them, wires rising from their bodies and hooked to machines. One person I identified was a girl with black hair and comatose on a work table along with the others. I reduced my speed to look at her.

Why does she seem familiar to me?

One guy carrying me noticed I slowed down to look and jerked me to move forward. The floor was extremely cold.

I felt faint.

Hurt. I inclined my head, water still dripping from my hair. We approached the end of the hallway and another guy awaited there, hands crossed behind his back. The guy escorting us walked up to him and said:

“Patient 0018 has been wiped anew. Analyzation complete, ready for-,” addressed the guy, delivering his response.

They all crossed their arms behind their backs except for the people clasping me. I didn’t hear him claim the rest as he said it very quietly.

Patient 0018? What’s going on?

“Alright,” mentioned the guy that waited at the door.

He approvingly nodded his head. The man who escorted us nodded back and walked away, footsteps reverberating throughout the hallway. The man at the door walked inside the room. I looked around aimlessly.

One of the guys clutching me seized my wrist very maliciously. He started to etched a design on the sight of my vein near the palm of my hand, using what looked like a pen with a fine point needle. Where did he get that?

It hurt and when I looked at it, it was a triangle with two half-lines, one at the bottom and one through the middle of the triangle. Then, they propelled me into the room and secured the doors. I didn’t bother to try to go back.

I looked at my wrist and looked up. The room was dark with little lighting, and it was freezing. The same door who stood at the door confronted me and stood at the end of the room, back faced me. It was a cramped room. I panted while questions filled my head.

What’s going on? What are they doing with me? Why do I not recall anyone here or me?

The windows before me whirred opened, revealing a forest-like atmosphere behind fuzzy glass.

“Ready to survive … Ethan?” I looked at him, then out the windows. I didn’t know why, but I was ready.

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