Remember Me

By @Anndrea_Davis

Remember Me

By @Anndrea_Davis

This is a short story about a queen taking back her kingdom. I initially wrote it from one of the daily themes from Figment. I also wrote it at about, 10:00pm. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

“All I ask of you is to remember me!” Natalie shouted at the group of people surrounding her, getting more and more frustrated.

“We will always remember you, but we don’t want to see you go into this.” Kerstin pointed at the flaming field behind Natalie and the war raging on inside of it.

“Trust me, I didn’t think I would have to go into this either! I want to ask for your help but I, I just can’t! I don’t want to see any more of my friends leave. I want you to be safe!” Her sword was clenched tightly in her hand and her face was scarlet red, a lonely tear crept down her face as she slowly looked away.

“Oh, Natalie!” Sarai ran towards her and engulfed her in a large hug, evidently crying very hard.

“Sarai, it’s ok! I will be back before you know it! Will all of you go now? I have a war to win, and a land to take back. Go before you end up like the rest of my friends, like the rest of our friends. Please, I, I just…” There was an awkward pause as Natalie’s friends all looked up at her. “you see? I’m… not very good with these things.” She smiled as her friends slowly walked away from the raging battle. Some with limps like Kerstin, others with hair a craze, or tearstained faces.

“Gar, that means you too. I know you have trained in battle, but you would be fighting against your own people.” She said sternly, not even looking at him, but at the battle before her.

“Wait, you know?” Natalie whirled around. Gar looked intently at Natalie, his hands unknowingly clenching.

“Well, it’s hard to deny, they look just like you and have the same mark upon their eye.” Natalie stated harshly. Gar reached to his right eye and stroked the scar that looked like an arrow.

“I have been trained for this, I am here to protect you. That is my job!” His face hardened. Then he saw how taken aback Natalie looked and quickly added, “Um, my Prin… err, Queen.” He gave a small bow that looked completely awkward for a man so tall.

Natalie couldn’t help but give a little laugh hat was soon dissolved by a look of horror on her face. “Wait, Queen?”

“Well, um, yes Queen Natalie. Your mother went missing a couple of days ago while you were on your journey. No one can find her, so the appointment of queen has been given to you.” He gave another small bow and in so his hat fell off, landing on the ground at Natalie’s feet. He hastily picked it up and fastened it back on his head.

“Why, wasn’t I told of this sooner! I got back hours ago!” There was a loud roar and a black dragon flew out from the forest on the other side of the field, silencing the warriors on the field. The dragons appearance caused some to get away from a tricky spot as the entire field froze in shock. “Ah, Endoa, she has finally awoken. Gar, you must go. She sees anyone as an enemy. We will continue this conversation later!” Gar looked up at his queen and very slowly walked away, not wanting to disobey a direct order.

“Oh, right! Yes. Good luck in the war!” Gar said over his shoulder as he very reluctantly started to go down the hill and soon out of sight.

“Alright Endoa, shall we show ’em how its done?” The dragon appeared to smile, before lowering her shiny black head to let Natalie on. Endoa looked up at the sky and shot flames like a fountain, up into the sky before taking off.

They were a magnificent sight to see! Soaring over the field, ready, to take back the home they had lost to foreigners. A home that had supplied them for so long and was now ruled by a king, unworthy of a throne. They swooped down upon the retreating men and women from afar, not killing, for in the Khapan Kingdom, they dealt with things not by killing, but by making sure they would never return. They accomplished this by fear of whatever they feared most. Whether it be dragon, centaur, siren, griffin, or of the loyal people who would do anything to defend not only their queen, but the place, that they call home!

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