Red. The Color of My Life.

By @Books_and_Secrets
Red. The Color of My Life.

A 7-year-old girl is kidnapped while walking to school by a gang. What happens and who does she become.

Chapter 6


Beep, beep, beeep. 

I heard my alarm go off and slammed my fist into the annoying thing. It broke leaving me in silence. I slid off my fluffy bed to the hard floor still exhausted. I get up slowly and picked out my outfit for the first day of school. I take a quick shower and get dressed into my band shirt with sweatpants and a large hoodie. I slip on my worn out sneakers, I walk down the stairs quickly going to the kitchen. In the kitchen I see Shaun. 

“ Hey Shaun. Do I have to go to school?” I whine to him.

“ Yes Riley. You already know that you need to stay low while He is out there.” Shaun says

“ I know but I hate school. It’s especially bad since I have no friends in school. Why can’t we just kill Him and I’ll stay home to plan it out.” I say.

“ You know that you have to go. Riley, I know that it’s boring for you but until He is dead, you stay in school.” 

“ How come your bossing me around? I’m the leader so why can’t I stay home?”

“ Ryry I know but your still only 15. You need to be in school or homeschooled but no one will homeschool you, so, to school you go. Now get ready.” 

“ Fine but you may get a call today from the school. We have a new bad boy coming and even though I’m a nerd. I will not let him push me around. Just warning you.” I say smiling.

“ Don’t hurt him too bad and don’t let anyone see.” He sighs.

“ I never do.” 

I walk around the kitchen getting cereal ready also eating it. After I get my bag and walk to school. The walk is peaceful. I look around at the falling leaves that are red, orange, and yellow. They fall gracefully to the ground, the air is chilly but not enough to need a heavy jacket. The wind blows gently and carries the smell of freshness. I walk slowly but with spirit. But my walk ends all too soon when I end up in front of the large brick prison people call school. The building is large with bricks forming the walls and widows were few on the school. Johnson High is hell on earth, the teachers are terrible and the students are the worst. There are a few students outside in front of the school. There are the jocks, the barbies, the nerds, and me the outsider, not quite a true nerd.   

I walk up the steps and the people there move out of the way. I smile and walk into the hall, I’ve been here for only a year but everyone is already scared of me. I think they think that there is a curse around me because everyone who insults or hurts me, ends you with a broken nose the next day. No one knows who does it and they won’t tell (hint it’s me). 

I walk up to my locker and look at my new schedule.


P1- English 10H

P2- Trigonometry

P3- Physics

P4- AP European History

P5- French 3


P7- Gym

P8- Art

P9- Study Hall

Not too bad. I got the books I need and walk to Homeroom. I sit down in the back of the class near the window. I look aimlessly out the window not paying any attention. 

“ Mr. Stevenson and Mr. Taton, why are you two late?” yells Ms. Audovacar. She is a short woman with brown hair and eyes also hates when people are late. 

“ I didn’t want to come here but Ethan convinced me.” said Mr. Stevenson shrugging.

“ Sorry, Ms. teacher. We are new and lost our way. It won’t happen again.” says Ethan.

“ Okay. Go take your seats.” she says.

They walked towards me. They are both tall and muscular. Ethan has blond hair and blue eyes. Mr. Stevenson has black hair and also has blue eyes. Ethan sits in front of me while Mr. Stevenson sits next to me. I see the class has their eyes on them and me. I could tell that they were wondering if the curse would befall him. I flip up my hood and sit back in my seat with my arms folded. 

I start to fall into a deep sleep when I feel someone tapped my shoulder. Just as they were about to do it again, I grabbed their hand and open my eyes. Mr. Stevenson was the one tapping.

“ What do you want?” I ask grumpy.

“ You were asleep.” he says.

“ Okay.” 

I look around the room to see it empty. I took his hand that still in mine and flip him to the floor. I could see the look of shock in his eyes. 

“ Ow! What did you do that for?” He yells at me.

“ You woke me and I wanted to.” I say and shrug while he moves to get up.

“ Who are you?” He asks.

“ Riley Rose. And you are?” 

“ Dillon Stevenson.” he says.

He stands up and rolls his shoulder back. 

“ Hi, Dillon. You might want to get away from me. Also don’t tell anyone what I did or you and the person you tell will be in great pain or dead. Have a good day!” I say walking out the door.

“ Who are you?” he asks running after me.

“ Your worst nightmare.” I whisper, turning to him. I run away to my first period class.

“ You’re late Ms. Rose!” yells Mrs. Sabas.

“ I’m sorry. I was in the bathroom. It won’t happen again.” I say. 

“ Okay. Next time pay more attention to the time.” she sighs.

“ I will.” I sit down in my seat at the back of the classroom.

She drowns on about the rules and what we will be doing this year. I read my favorite book City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. 

Ring, ring, ring.

I rush out of the class to Trigonometry. I sit in the back and feel someone staring at me. I look around and my eyes lock onto Dillon’s eyes as he stares at me from across the room. I roll my eyes and half-listen to Mr. Genie talk about the upcoming year. 

Ring, ring, ring.

Physics we play with colored lights. AP European history is a welcome speech also Dillon and Ethan are in my class. French 3 we talk to each other in french, Ethan is in that class.

 Finally it is lunch. I get pizza since it’s the only thing that they serve that is edible. I walk to my table in the corner. Everyone gasps and falls silent. I look up from my food to see Dillon and Ethan sitting on the other side of my table. I glare at them and go back to eating my food. Another boy, a jock comes to the table. His name is John. 

“ You shouldn’t be hanging around her. I heard a rumor says that she is in a gang. If you want to keep your nose unbroken you should stay away.” He whispers to Dillon and Ethan.

Interesting some of rumors they say about me are true. Most of them are fake but that one’s true. 

Dillon and Ethan laugh. I clutch the table tightly. 

“ How could she be. Everyone knows girls don’t belong in gangs they are too weak.” Dillon says with a smug grin.

My anger soars and I try to keep myself from ripping his vocal box out. 

Ring, ring, ring. 

I take care of my trash and ran to the gym. I change and walk over to Mr. Agnes. 

“ Sir. Can I go to the weight room?” I ask.

“ Sure Riley. Just try not to rip all of the bags and clean up.” He says.

“ Okay. I will. Thanks.” 

I ran to the weight room and went inside. I put on some music and wrapped my hands. I punch the bag over and over, feeling the anger and pain fade into the back of my mind. The soft music calms me and I kept punching. After a few minutes, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I grab the hand and flip them over my head with ease. I pin Dillon onto the matted floor. 

“ What are you doing here Dillon?” I snarl at him.

“ I wanted to talk to you. Coach said you were in here.” 

“ Okay. Here I am. Talk.” 

“ Can you first stop pinning me to the mat?”

“ Nope. Talk now or I throw you out.” 

“ Fine. Is the rumor true?”

“ What rumor? I have many rumors about me. My favorite one is that I’m the devil’s assistant here to torment them all.” 

“ The rumor that you are in a gang.”

“ Maybe. Why do you want to know?”

“ Just curious. And to see if you’re a threat to me.” 

“ Even if I was a threat. What would you do?”

“ I would get my gang to take you out.”

“ Is that supposed to scare me. You just admitted that you are in a gang. Oh, that’s right your gang leader of Ombre Night gang.” 

“ How do you know that? I am, but how could you know that?” 

“ I check up on all the gangs. What’s your worst nightmare?”

“ Rico Guy and the Shadow Ghost gang.” 

“ I know them. Scary group of people but I can easily take them down. Your new worst nightmare is me.” 

“ Why should I be scared of you? I don’t believe that you could defeat all of them. They are the most feared gang in America and Rico is a scary guy.”

“ How can people say he is so scary? No one has ever seen him.” I laugh.

“ Some people have and say he is ruthless and merciless. Anyone who crosses him ends up dead. I have never talked to him thou.”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He looks at me like I am crazy.

“ I didn’t know that people fear fake people so much. They don’t even know who the real threat is.” 

“ Wait. Rico Guy is fake? How do you know?” 

“ I know the person who runs the Shadow Ghost gang and their name is definitely not Rico. How about I get you a personal meeting with this so called Rico Guy? You just have to sign an agreement and it has to be confidential, you will tell no one, not even your gang. So, if you want to, come to the gang house after school but you can’t tell anyone your coming and tell them Ms. Rose asked you to come.” 

“ Sounds good. Now will you get off of me?” 

“ Okay.” I stop pinning him down. He sits up and rolls his shoulders back. 

I walk back to the locker room since the bell is about to ring. 

Ring, ring, ring.

The next few periods flew by and soon I was running home. I barge into the house and find Shaun on the couch. 

“ Hey Shaun. I’m having someone over. He will call me by Ms. Rose. Just lead him to my office when he comes. I’m going to go change. Tell him Rico is in the office.”     

“ Riley. Who did you invite over?” 

“ Only the gang leader of the Ombre Night gang. I want someone to talk to my age and he seems nice also trustworthy.” 

“ Okay Riley. Just be careful.”

“ I will be.”

I run to my room. I change into my black leggings, black tank top with my leather jacket. I tug on my high heeled boots on and pull my hair into a high pony. I apply smokey eyes and red lipstick. I walk to my office. My office has a desk, rolly chair, couch, and wooden chair also a few bookcases filled with books. 

I sit in my rolly chair, back facing the door when I hear Dillon come through the door. 

“ Hello Rico.” says Dillon

I turn the chair very slowly to face him. I see a look of shock on his face.

“ Hello Dillon. I’m the leader of the Shadow ghost gang. You should see your face. I told I’m your worst nightmare.” I laugh.

“ You’re the most feared person in America?” he asks in disbelief.

“ Yep. How about that agreement? You stay quiet and become allies with my gang or I wipe out your gang starting with you. Deal?” 

“ Deal. Can I ask you something?”

“ Sure.”

“ Why?” 

“Why what?”

“ Why are you showing me?”

“ I feel like I can trust you and you have never double crossed anyone. I need someone to be my friend. The only friends I have are older than me. I really wanted to see your face when you find out the number one gang is led by a girl.” 

“ You trust me? You don’t even know me.” 

“ I do. I know lots about you. My hackers are the best and they made a nice book about you. I have been reading it ever since you enrolled in my school. Interesting life. Mine is so different than yours.”

“ Stalker much.”

“ No, just well informed. So do you want to be my friend?”

“ Why not. Can you show me why you are the most feared?”

“ Okay but we have to go to the gym for that.” 

“ Okay. I’ll follow you.”

I got up and walked down to the gym. 

“ Here is the gym if you want to talk to me, I will most likely be here. What do you want to do first?” I ask.

“ How about knives.” 

“ Okay.” I take out one of my many knives and throw it at the target that is across the room. Bullseye, of course. 

“ Wow. How?” He asks with his mouth hanging open.

“ Practice.” I simply say.

“ How about I choose where you throw from?” 

“ Okay. Where?” 

“ Over by the archery targets.” He says pointing to the targets on the right side of the gym.

I walk over there and throw the knife. Bullseye again. 

“ Nice. How about guns?” 

“ What gun and how far?” 

“ Handgun and 20 feet.” 

“ Easy.” I say walking to the target with my handgun out. I shot the clip at the target aiming for the head, heart, and crotch. I look at Dillon he is looking a little uncomfortable. 

“ Don’t worry Dillon. Unless you **** me off I won’t use my skills on you but if you do, umm, you better watch out.” I smile sweetly at him.

“ Sniper rifle and across the room.” 

I take my favorite sniper rifle and go across the room. Shooting one bullet into the heart and one to the head also one by Dillon’s head by his ear because he was standing in front of one of the targets. He looks shocked. 

“ What did you do that for?” he yells.

“ I was only shooting the target.” I say innocently. 

“ Riley, would you ever kill me?” 

“ If you are a threat to me or my gang, you’d be dead before you could move.” 

“ I’m not a threat. We’re allies now. Will you come with me to meet my gang?”

“ As long as they don’t find out who I am. I will go as your friend Riley Rose. Okay?” 

“ Okay. Can we go now?” 

“ Sure but first clean up.” I take my knives out of the target and place them back into their holders. Then take a few more knives to go. I walk out of the house with Dillon to his car. It’s a red Ford Mustang. 

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