Red. The Color of My Life.

By @Books_and_Secrets
Red. The Color of My Life.

A 7-year-old girl is kidnapped while walking to school by a gang. What happens and who does she become.

Chapter 4

8 Years Ago - Dinner

We walked to the dining room. The dining room was set up with beautiful china and roses. We all sat around the table while Mom and Dad brought out steaming hot plates of food for everyone. The plate was filled with stuffed cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Dad stood up.

“ Welcome everyone. It’s good to finally be back home. Now, I would like you all to welcome Riley our newest member. Riley, welcome to the Shadow Ghost gang.” said Dad

I stood on my chair to be seen.

“ Thank you for letting me join your family. I am forever in your debt. I hope to become a great gang member. Thank you.” I said and sat back down. Everyone started clapping. I smiled.

“ You’re welcome Riley. Now, let’s eat!” said Dad

Everyone dug into their food like animals. I looked around smiling finally knowing where I belong.  

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