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Red Stars

By @Purplelily96

Chapter 1

Layla pulled the metal away. What is this? The rain was still a downpour. She looked at the sky and it looked like the Northern Lights. Pretty, unusual even; I need to focus. What in the world is this?

Quinn barked. “Girl, go get help,” Layla panicked. She whined. “Go, please,” Layla responded. Quinn ran. That’s my girl.

Quinn whined. “Quinn, what are you doing here?” the neighbor’s girlfriend let her inside. “Quinn, what are you doing here?” he petted her. “Where’s Layla?” he asked. Quinn ran off. “What now?” she asked. “We follow,” he grabbed their coats.

Layla moved the dirt. “Jesus, what in the world is this!?” “OMG, its a body,” she shivered. “Where are you, Quinn?” she stood up and removed her robe. “Here you go, I may be cold but it’s going to be alright, ” she removed the dirt more.

“Alex, please,” his girlfriend whined. “Wendy, we basically raised this child,” he responded. Quinn ran faster. “I’m too old for this,” he complained. They walked to the ditch. “Layla,” he yelled. “Mr. George?” Layla reached for a grip. “What are you doing?” Wendy asked. “Quinn heard something and I found someone under the explosion,” Layla explained. “Layla,” they sighed. “Can you get us outta here?” Layla asked. “We need medical attention ASAP,” Layla spoke. “I need a rope,” he said. “No, need I’ll wait,” she said. “Stranger, you’re safe now,” she snuggled against him.

The next thing she knew, she opened her eyes and she was on a stretcher. “Layla, you stubborn fire,” Wendy stroked her arm. “Where is the stranger?” Layla asked. “You did well,” he smirked. Where. Is. The. Stranger? “Rest now,” Wendy stroked her arms. “As you said I am a stubborn fire,” she closed her eyes.

“Pulse?” a nurse spoke. “Weak,” the doctor said. “I don’t understand there’s no physical way this man should have…” the doctor said. “Its a miracle,” the nurse said. “Medical coma?” the nurse asked. “Best bet,” the doctor asked. “It’s been three days, any luck with an identity?” the doctor asked. “A true John Doe,” the nurse sighed.

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