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By @tiffani_kane74


when we think of rebellion, we don’t think of “rebel”

we think “you broke the law, now you’re going to jail” 

though in our society, rebellions the norm

so when we all rebel, we start to conform

conform and rebel seem to be polar opposites

but when thoroughly compared, we find the approximate 

there’s a thin line between the two words 

somewhere in our minds where the definitions are stored

society tends to root for the maverick 

because that person defies what we think of ‘average’

but when looking at it deeper, we find that most common 

conformity happens to be occuring most often 

the set list of rules in the american life 

such as getting a job, a car, and a wife 

is exactly what we think conformity may be 

but the ‘important’ thing is our conformity is ‘free’

so instead of conforming or deciding to rebel

we should realize that we’ll all end up locked in a jail

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