Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Contracts With Demons And Gods

By @Christine_White_Lace

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Make Contracts With Demons And Gods

By @Christine_White_Lace

Based on a Tumblr prompt. A girl makes a contract with a demon and angers said demon. A young prince doesn't know he's being swindled. Both have to give up their firstborn. Surprisingly, they marry each other. Who gets custody of the child, the demon or the god?

Chapter 1

The Start of a Very Complicated Family Matter

Melissa just wanted a peaceful day, but unfortunately, she just found out her biological father got very ***** with a random lady again. If she found out that she had another half-sibling, she would personally murder her father, even if he was a demon.

Melissa’s father is the Demon General Lust, one of the seven top ranking soldiers of Satan’s hell. Why, just why, did they have to be so amorous? She gets that they represents lust, but there are other ways to be lustful besides the erotic definition. 

Lust usually took the form of an average heighted man that had goat like blue horns and dark blue eyes with light blue dilated pupils. They usually had long, ash white hair with two long, deep blue side bangs and Ombre. They wore a royal blue crop jacket and shorts that were lined with white fur, fishnet stockings, and black high heeled boots. They also had a blue tattoo of a goat on the left hip. And apparently, a lot of women and men have fallen victim to these looks. 

Just the thought of her father made Melissa’s blood boil. Melissa barged into Lust’s quarters and sent them flying across the room before they could register what was happening. She kicked them before they could attack her, not stopping until she was content with the state her father was in. And by that, they were bruised in every single place you could think of.

“Melissa… why?” groaned Lust. “I did nothing wrong this time!”. Melissa kicked her father in the shin, receiving a cry of pain.

“You know what you did,” she scolded. “You ****** another human senseless again, right?”

“I see no proble-” Lust received another kick in the face. 

“F****** hell, you make a lot of people’s lives miserable because of your ***** tendencies!”

“It’s in the name, y’know!” Lust received another kick.

“Who was it this time? Answer me!”

“Alright, alright! It was some noble woman named Eliere Verchent!”

“Did she get pregnant?”

“How am I suppos-” Lust received yet another kick in the stomach. “Okay, fine, yes. She had a child with me and then another child with her husband.”

Melissa made some incomprehensible noises and left Lust on the ground beaten. She would have to find Eliere Verchant’s husband and apologize for her father’s behavior. Didn’t her father know that having half-species babies were taboo? Shouldn’t he know that there’s always a chance that he’ll make Halfers with the humans he f****? It was understandable that he was surprised when Melissa was born, but this was the eighth time, for Lucifer’s sake. 

Melissa used a spell that allowed her to peer into the human world. While looking at the estate of the Verchants, she noticed a young five-year-old girl sitting at the bedside of a sick seven-year-old in a light blue room. The girl wore a plain, white lace dress with a blue apron and had red, fiery hair with blue eyes. The sick girl wore a plain teal dress and had icy blue hair. Melissa couldn’t tell what color her eyes were since they were closed, but she guessed that they were also blue. The bed that the girl laid down on was very fancy, as it was carved beautifully and had extravagant bedding. 

Melissa could hear the little girl’s thoughts. I knew Elaine was ill ever since she was young, but I never thought it was because she was a Halfer. I should have treated her better! I don’t care that she’s a Halfer, I want her back! Give my big sister back! Please! These kinds of thoughts ravaged the little girl’s mind. 

Half-blooded children between different species were considered taboo since they are born stronger than both of their parents combined. To make matters worse, the Halfer is usually born ill, and if it doesn’t survive at childbirth, they explode with the power of a legendary spell. It’s a miracle that Elaine is still breathing.

Looking closer, Melissa could see that there was a curse on Elaine that was invisible to the little girl. Why her older sister was cursed was a mystery to Melissa. The main problem on hand for Melissa was if she should make a deal with the little girl to remove the curse and heal her sister. 

First of all, if she was going to make a deal with the girl, she needed to set a price. She didn’t want to take anything away from the little girl or her sister, since they were both victims of her father’s ***** acts. 

Second, the little girl could get in a lot of trouble if someone found out she made a deal with a demon. 

And third of all, she contemplated the consequences of her deal. Since demons need energy to survive, they either take the souls of humans or make deals. However, that isn’t the case with Melissa since she thrives off the energy that was given to her by the Dark Goddess Delentia and the Love Goddess Lora. If she made a deal out of pity and not for energy, she would have to face punishment. But, she might get away with it since Satan hasn’t reincarnated yet…

Melissa popped into the bedroom and greeted the little girl. The girl was shocked at first, but then looked at Melissa in awe. “Who are you?” she asked.

Melissa chuckled. “Shouldn’t you introduce yourself first?” 

“Ah! Sorry about that. I’m Evisca Verchant,” the little girl curtsied. “Who are you?”

“I’m Melissa, Little Evisca. I’ve noticed that your sister is in poor condition. Would you mind if I helped? Of course there will be a price,” Melissa warned. 

“Really? You’ll help me?! I’ll do anything that you ask if it’ll heal my sister! That is, if you’re somehow better than all of the doctors that came in…”

At least she’s smart, thought Melissa. “If I heal her, will you then pay the price?”

The small girl hesitated. Can I trust her? Why is she even here? Evisca thought.

“Alright, but if you do anything suspicious…”

“Of course.” Melissa lifted the curse off of Elaine. As for Elaine’s unhealthy illness, she cast a protection charm over her. You could see that Elaine was healthier afterwards.

“There. Are you willing to pay the price now?”

“No. But thanks anyway!”

This little ****. She must’ve just thought about denying payment since Melissa hadn’t picked up anything from her thoughts.

“You know what? Fine. In exchange for healing your sister, I’ll take her firstborn. I also curse you to only be able to marry morons and never divorce. You won’t be able to reverse this.”

It seems like Melissa will have to kidnap the Goddess of Childbirth. Melissa didn’t want to force Elaine to give childbirth, but she was 38% sure that Elaine would not be a virgin when she grew up.

Melissa ignored the gut feeling in her stomach that told her she would regret this.


A blonde three-year-old was holding an ancient contract in his hands, and that three-year-old will be a candidate for the throne of Lumercia.

Laurence Lumercia, the second prince of Lumercia, is a very cheery kid. He had golden locks and big, golden eyes. He was a bit on the chubby side like any other three-year-old. But that isn’t very important right now. What we should be focusing on is the contract in his hands.

The parchment paper had tatters around its edges and its color made it look as though it was dipped in some coffee. It had a lot of handwritten words on it, all of which Laurence couldn’t fully understand. 

“Swo, you’re sayin’ dat if I sign this cwontract, you’ll give me 1000 boxes of dewicious cwake?”

“Yes, young man. I am a god after all,” said the very suspicious man in front of the small toddler. “All I want is your first kid.”

“Okway. I see no pwoblem.” The tiny child signed the contract with a black fountain pen.

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