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Reasons Why The Sky Doesn’t Cry Alone.

By @MeaningfulMee

Reaons Why The Sky Doesn't Cry Alone

I had a chance to love her,

I had my chance and I ****** it up.

She text me,

On a night when the sky wasn’t crying alone. 

The raindrops stained the glass.

Clustered in cults on the pane.

As my eyes turned red,

As the tears stained my pillowcase.

And I didn’t notice when the night came in.

Didn’t notice I was in the dark,

Till I saw the light.

Her light,

As her name lit up my phone screen.

I finally noticed,

That it was dark.

I flicked a switch,

Sat in light for the first time in a while.

But I waited a while.

I left her on delivered for a while.

For a moment.

For a minute.

Didn’t want to come off as desperate.

Didn’t want to come off as eager.


I didn’t want her to know she was still my everything. 

But maybe I should’ve done.

Maybe I should’ve let her know that the love we shared,

Was still all there. 

That I was waiting for her,

That I’d have loved her better.

I could’ve loved her better.

Would’ve loved her better. 

Cos maybe if she knew,

That I still loved her,

she wouldn’t have gone looking for it in someone else. 

Hindsight needs a prequel.

Cos I should have let her know.

I could have let her know.

I would have let her know,

If I knew. 

I didn’t know the same person could break your heart,

A second time around. 

Not until I read her text.

A text that read.

“I’m in love with someone else.”

And I just thought to myself.

“She moves on pretty bloody quick!”

Seemed like true love waited for her. 

Seemed like true love followed her.

Seemed like true love was meant for her.

I didn’t know she was chasing it. 

She spent her whole life waiting for it.

And I didn’t know,

A twisted form of it awaited her.

I was taking her for granted.

I didn’t notice she was leaving,

Until she slammed the front door.

Didn’t know she was gone,

Until the left side of our bed grew cold. 

I took her for granted,

And now,

So does she.

Hindsight needs a prequel.

Cos I know our love story,

Doesn’t come with a sequel. 

I want to shut **** you at the author.

Cos she’s not coming back for a sequel.

Cos she is too afraid to leave him.

Hindsight needs a prequel.

Cos if I had known she was a broken doll.

I’d have loved her till the cracks sealed,

Until she was whole.

A teenage girl,

Who’s came home to a flower pot key.

And a shattered beer bottle.

Bloodstains on the sofa.

And whiskey on her daddy’s breath.

She just wanted to be in love,

But didn’t know the definition.

And she just wanted to feel loved,

But no one taught her how it felt.

I could have taught her the definition.

I could have made her feel loved.

I would’ve.




Hindsight needs a prequel. 

And I still love her,

But she’d never know.

And I’m the only one who does,

But she’d never know. 

If I got a second chance,

I swear things would be different,

This time around.

Cos if I had known what I know now.

I’d have taught her how to be in love,

I’d have held her tighter on the nights the sky wasn’t crying alone. 

Hindsight needs a prequel.

Cos she’s not coming back for a sequel. 

She not coming back,

Cos she’s too afraid to leave.

And hindsight needs a prequel.

Cos I may have broken her heart.

But her new man left the bruises,

That wrap around those beautiful eyes.

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