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By @KillerKittens

Ice Blue Crayon

“Allliiiii…..Ali?.. Alice!” I looked at Kayla then back at the clock in the classroom. I had just imagined a random time then spaced out.

“Nancy wants to use your artist pencil crayons and I told her she can’t but she wont go away.” I looked at Nancy then sighed.

“What do you want?” She gave me a frown like it was obvious. “I let you use my pencil when you had your own so I want to use your good pencil crayons.”

Kayla giggled beside me. “Really? You’re that desperate to use her expensive pencil crayons? You have your own so use them!”

Nancy pushed them off my desk then walked away, Kayla go up to follow her but I put my arm out to stop her.

“We’ll get her later.” I smiled at her then she understood what I meant.

Me and Kayla have been Best Friends since second grade, she knows what I mean when I smile like that.

Kayla held up a ice blue pencil crayon snapped in half and I gasped. “Your favourite colour broke.” I nodded. We cleaned up the rest of the pencil crayons and there was only one other that broke that was a light brown.

I threw them in the garbage then glared at Nancy. She smirked seeing what she had done then stuck her tongue out at me.

I sat back down at my desk and continued doing my math until 1:40, that was when Kayla, Tiffany, Lillian and I would meet up at the washroom and skip class.

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