Real Friends~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79

Real Friends~A Poem

By @Kittyqueen79

This is a short poem about real friends, please read it. It will only take a second and would mean the world to me! I have more poems if you want to check those out, too!

Chapter 1

Real Friends

Real friends are kind

Real friends are thoughtful

Real friends love you for you

Real friends don’t lie

Real friends don’t tell you to get over it

Real friends support you.

Find a real friend.

Find someone who will care about you

Who isn’t shallow

Who isn’t rude

Who doesn’t leave you out.

Real friends set time apart for you

Real friends annoy you, but in a good way.

Real friends would move mountains for you.

Find a real friend.

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  1. HPfan

    You know…sometimes simple is the way to go, simple and explicit can be extremely meaningful especially when writing about topics like this. I love it!

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