By @TheGracetter


By @TheGracetter

"All that glitters is not gold" These estranged sisters face enchanting escapades, forbidden love, and murderous schemes on their journeys to a new freedom. (Open up the synopsis chapter in my story to read more!)

Chapter 1

Announcement & Synopsis

Hello lovelies,

Yeah, I’m back baby! And I’m ready to take on writing- for real this time.

About two months ago during a British Literature class, I challenged myself to write. Staring out that classroom window, I knew it was important that my story Rave be given a chance.

Here we are now, a new and improved storyline. I encourage all who have stumbled upon her in her junior high years to re-read and witness the growth! Rave has adopted a new plot with richer characters and juicier secrets.

I hope you enjoy. As always, feel free to comment, like, or react ????



“All that glitters is not gold.”

The death of the Queen unsettles the kingdom, and her three daughters are left with the pieces. 

Zarah, the eldest, is preparing for the Chancellor Fest, a pageant dedicated to the most eligible bachelors within the Merged Provinces, and while such affairs become priority, she notices a likely- and possibly treacherous- suitor.

As talk of a malicious group hidden in the shadows of the kingdom begins to infiltrate the palace, Adara finds herself torn between clashing worlds. Old memories and potential futures haunt her- will she defend her own beliefs and fight for the throne, or will the royal blood coursing through her veins be the death of a revolution?  

The youngest girl is trapped in the palace. A voice echoing within her chest begs to escape, but her high-powered abilities are the reason for the charmed chains around her neck and wrists. But visions of the outside world continue to entice her curiosity, and if only she could slip past the palace walls… 

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