Rapunzel 2.0

By @PrincessLRB

Rapunzel 2.0

By @PrincessLRB

Will Prince Warren turn out to be Rapunzel Parsley Rampion III's hero, or does his crazy horse ruin things?

Chapter 1

So, here’s the scoop: my name is Rapunzel Parsley Rampion III. I’m the granddaughter of the original Rapunzel (the girl with long blonde hair) and I was kidnapped as a baby by a witch, who waited until I had just turned eight (yes, you read that right!) before locking me up in a tower with no doors or stairs leading outside. Don’t worry, though! She took great care of me by feeding me and braiding my hair whenever I asked her to do it, even when I could do it myself, but there was one problem: she couldn’t use her magic to make my medium-length brunette hair long enough to reach the ground outside my tower window. Due to this situation, she appeared and disappeared in a puff of smoke, unlike grandma’s witch.

One late afternoon, while the Witch was taking a vacation to visit her relatives in Oz, I had just finished my chores and was sitting by my large window and wondering when my newest visitor will arrive. I mean, I had just turned 18 around that time, and my only visitor had been the Witch. Anyway, as I sat, I was feeling so down about my lack of visitors that I didn’t want to do anything else that day. While I was bemoaning my dilemma, I saw the birds flying by my window and wondered when I’d ever be as free as them. As I watched them, trying to smile at their merry songs, I sighed, “If only someone new could come and visit me!”

That’s when the strangest sound tickled my ears: instead of being one of the Witch’s many tricks, I heard the sound of someone asking, “Someone like me?” Bewildered, I looked down and gasped at the sight of a stranger under my window. After checking my book of Fairy Tales, I gasped when I realized that I was in the presence of a REAL prince! Even though he was far away from me, the prince was an extremely good-looking tall gentleman with light skin and an ear-to-ear grin. With a mix of excitement and nervousness, I giggled, “I wish you could come up and meet me, but I don’t have long-enough hair for you to ascend!”

After a swoon-inducing chuckle, the prince puzzled me by saying, “Don’t worry! I’ll be up there in a few minutes!” I thought the prince had lost his mind with a response like that, but just as I was about to tell him that what he said made no sense, he started climbing the stones of the tower like they were rungs on a ladder! As I heard him getting closer to my window, I slowly took a few steps back and shivered with nervousness at what he might look like up-close. As the prince popped his head in my window, I was so surprised by his appearance that I screamed. His eyes were a gorgeous shade of hazel and his brown hair was very short and trimmed, and since I had never seen a real prince in my life, I was speechless at the sight of him.

After slowly finding the words to tell him that he scared me, the prince climbed through the window and chuckled, “I’m sorry about that.” I forgave him before giggling, “My name’s Rapunzel Parsley Rampion III. Nice to meet you, Sir!” As he sat on the windowsill, the prince cooed, “Nice to meet you, too, Rapunzel. I hope I don’t come across as nasty, but my name is Prince Warren.” After agreeing to call him “Warren,” my mind shifted and I started thinking about princes kissing their princesses, which made me nervously ask, “Um, is it okay with you if I give you a kiss?” With a mile-wide grin on his face, Warren nodded before I gulped and stated as boldly as I could, “I’ve never kissed a man before, so here goes!” I then leaned forward and gave Warren a kiss on the lips, only to gasp as he started softly kissing my lips.

After what felt like eternity later, I pulled away and sighed happily as I gazed at my handsome visitor. That’s when Warren looked me in the eyes and chuckled, “You’re so very beautiful.” Shocked at my first compliment from anyone (let alone a prince), I giggled, “You’re so handsome, Warren!” At that moment, Warren stood up before softly kissing me again while running his fingers up and down my spine. I never felt so good before, and I wanted to return his favor, so I started kissing him back while rubbing his shoulders and neck with my fingers. So suddenly overcome by feelings nobody can describe (not even in my fairy tale book), I opened my eye to check where we were before closing it again and throwing the two of us onto my bed, where we continued kissing and rubbing.

Once the kiss slowly disintegrated, Warren pulled away from me and cooed, “I know we just met, Rapunzel, but I think I’m in love with you.” Even more shocked than before, I let out a gasp as I giggled, “I think so, too!” Well, after being in a tower for 12 years, I never thought anyone would find themselves in love with a tower-dwelling maiden like me! Anyway, nestled in each other’s embrace, I used that moment to tell Warren the sweetest words in the world: “I love you.” I could’ve fainted as Warren cooed, “I love you too, Rapunzel.” Noticing the sunset outside, I gazed at Warren and asked, “Do you mind spending more than a day with me? I know you might have obligations, but you can stay with me if you don’t!” With a chuckle, Warren said that he didn’t mind spending time with me.

After we both changed for bed, I sat at the foot of the bed, giggled, and signaled for Warren to come closer. When he sat next to me, I tickled him under his chin, which made him laugh, “Hey, now! That tickles!” With a twinkle in my eyes, I giggled, “I know! Isn’t this fun?” After he nodded, I laughed while falling on the bed and signaling for Warren to recline beside me, which he did. Just when I was about to cuddle with him, I yawned. With a heart-melting gleam in his eyes, Warren asked, “Are you tired?” After I nodded, he held out his arms and cooed in an enticing tone of voice, “Come here.” Such a request said that way drove me crazy, so I quickly wriggled closer to him before he wrapped his arms around me and we softly kissed each other’s lips. When we pulled away, I yawned, “Goodnight, my sweet prince!” After another swoon-inducing chuckle, Warren cooed, “Good night.”

I was awakened the next morning by the enticing scent of an omelette. I hadn’t had one of those in a few years, so I couldn’t wait to have another one. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Warren putting the plate in front of my seat at my small table. Happy to be sharing my first meal with someone other than the Witch, I got out of bed, got changed into my purple dress, and skipped over to Warren, who was setting an omelette on his own plate before putting the plate at the table spot across from my seat. After smiling at each other, we said our “good mornings” before sitting and eating our omelettes.

After breakfast, I had to blink a couple times when I saw an envelope appear on the table. I picked up the envelope, opened it, and giggled as I began to read it. The letter was from the Witch about her trip, and one part of it nearly gave me a heart attack. Warren noticed my shocked reaction and asked if I was okay, to which I explained, “I thought she was gonna be gone for a month, but since her Ozian relatives only needed her for two weeks, she’d be coming home sometime soon!” At first, Warren didn’t understand my panic, so I added, “If you’re planning on staying overnight with me tonight, you’ll have to leave extremely early in the morning, but I don’t want you to leave!”

I thought Warren was going to act like he didn’t really care about the situation, but I was shocked when he immediately said, “Come and live with me.” Exuberant, I gathered all my belongings and wrapped them in my bed’s mattress-cover before tying a knot in the top of it and carrying it over my shoulder as I ran to Warren’s side. Looking around the almost-bare room, I thought about how hard it was to move away from the tower and started to cry. Seeing how teary-eyed I was getting at all this, Warren put his arm around me and cooed, “It’ll be okay.” After Warren asked if I was ready to go, I nervously nodded and asked, “How are we gonna get down?” Warren put his hand on my shoulder and comforted me by saying, “I’ll carry you.”

With a nod, I swung my pack over my shoulder before climbing onto Warren’s back and wrapping my arms around his neck. I then gulped, “Let’s go,” which was his cue to start climbing down the tower wall. Shaking in fear, I held on as tight as possible without choking Warren and breathed heavily, even after he told me that everything would be okay. Once we reached the ground, I nervously put my feet on the ground, set down my bag, and gasped: I was free! After thanking Warren for freeing me from the tower, I asked if he can take me to his castle. That’s when Warren puzzled me by whistling, but before I could ask why he whistled, my eyes nearly popped out of my head when a shiny horse came running into view. While the horse was being prepared for our mounting onto it, I grabbed my bag and walked to Warren, who helped me up onto the horse.

Once he climbed onto the horse, Warren smiled as I held my bag with one hand and wrapped my other arm around him. That’s when I said two words that got the horse going: let’s ride! I never rode a horse in my life, so the moment the horse went into a full canter, it was such a delight that I found myself in a fit of giggles! After a few minutes of riding (during which, I rested my head on Warren’s shoulder), I saw a castle in the distance and asked if that was Warren’s castle, to which he said it was. After stopping in front of the moat to the castle, I let go of Warren before we dismounted from the horse, him before me.

“Prince Warren! You’ve returned!” A guard called from the door to the castle. After Warren took my hand and lead me to the guard’s station, the guard asked Warren two questions: where he had been the previous day and who I was. Boldly, Warren cleared his throat and answered both questions at once by saying, “I was out on a ride and I found her in a tower.” After he said that, I nodded and curtsied to the guard, who opened the door for us to go to the entryway for the royal throne room. A guard announced our arrival to the King and Queen before the door opened, we walked into the room, and I saw them face-to-face.

“Rapunzel,” Warren started, “this is my mother the Queen and my father the King.” Nervously, I curtsied and solemnly said, “Your Majesty.” The King rested his chin on his hand and said, “Son, I hate to ask this, but since my memory is not sharp as it used to be, can you please tell me what’s so special about this girl?” Warren explained that I was kept in the tower by the Witch and ended his explanation by saying, “We can’t let her go back.” At that point, I cut in and said, “No, we cannot, or else the Witch will pull a trick on me when she finds out that I’ve…”

Just then, a town crier rushed in, rang his bell, and bowed to the royal couple before announcing news that terrified me: the Witch had arrived at the tower a few moments earlier and couldn’t find me there. Once he left, I turned to face Warren and cried, “I’m scared, Warren! What if the Witch finds us here?” As kind and loving as he had been before, Warren put his arms around me and cooed, “We will be fine.” After I heaved a sigh of relief, the King and Queen let us rush to Warren’s bedroom, where he promised he’d hide me. Once we closed the curtain in his room, I looked up at him and said, “I hope the Witch never finds us here!” With a chuckle, Warren patted my shoulders and said, “Trust me, she won’t!”

After getting dressed for bed, Warren and I reclined in bed, said “goodnight” to each other, and drifted off to sleep. I wish it was a good night, but one dream almost made me stay up when it was done. In the dream, the Witch found out about us and sent me to the center of the nearest desert, while locking Warren in my tower. I somehow found my way to the tower, but due to the fact that thorns had grown all over the tower except for the window-area, I couldn’t climb up to see Warren without hurting myself. Somehow, I was able to stay asleep after that dream.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I had to giggle when I saw Warren changing clothes, because he was so good-looking. After we said “good morning” to each other, I told Warren about the dream I had the previous night and he comforted me by telling me that is was only a dream. After I changed into my short-skirted dress with multicolored pansies on it, I skipped back to the bedroom, where Warren chuckled, “Hello, beautiful!” Deciding to have some fun, I giggled and challenged him to chase me to the dining room downstairs, and even though I did make it to the dining room before him, I was pausing to catch my breath when Warren surprised me by catching me and wrapping his arms around me.

After a delicious breakfast, Warren took me on a tour of the kingdom. After blindfolding me and putting me on his back, Warren lead me to a far-off place, where he told me to uncover my eyes. I almost fainted at the sight I was beholding: the whole kingdom, which was beautiful! After telling Warren what I thought of the view, I asked him if he was thinking ahead (namely, planning on sharing it with me in the future), to which he said, “Yes.” After telling each other about our love for each other, Warren got me off his back and walked with me to my next destination. As we walked, I stopped dead in my tracks as a bear came into view and started to attack me. I started fretting, but that stopped when Warren stood between me and the bear, drew two swords, and killed the beast.

After I gazed at him lovingly and called him my hero, Warren carried me to our next destination. Next thing I knew, I found myself looking at the kingdom from the highest point of the castle. The sun was starting to set, and watching the sky turn multiple colors was beautiful, since it was one of the things I rarely saw from my tower window. I then looked at Warren and stated, “I’ll never regret leaving the tower, especially now that I have a 360-degree view on days like this!” After exchanging a soft kiss, I giggled, “That’s another good reason not to regret leaving my tower: I get to spend hours upon hours with the cutest prince in all the land!”

After walking to the stables where Warren kept his white steed, I asked Warren if I could ride the horse for a few minutes, to which he said I could. After I promised to be back before midnight, Warren smiled as I mounted the steed and took off riding. Unfortunately, both the horse and myself got lost in the woods, and by the time I realized it, we were about to run straight into a lake! I commanded for the horse to stop, but when it did, I got thrown off and landed in the deepest part of the lake. I’m not the best swimmer, so while I tried to stay afloat, I told the horse to get Warren, and he galloped away.

Back at the stables, Warren was shocked to see his horse return so soon, so before he could get run over, he told the horse to stop before calmly asking, “What’s wrong, boy?” Just from hearing the worried whinny from the rider-less horse and the distant calling for help, Warren mounted onto the horse and said, “Let’s go, boy” before racing down the same path it went when I rode on it. Back at the lake, I tried to float on my back, but I got too panicky to stay calm, so I tried floating in an upright position. I was doing the best I could do, but I soon started worrying about the possibility of drowning and as punishment, I started sinking.

That’s when I heard a familiar voice call, “Rapunzel!” In shock, I turned to face the sound’s source and gasped when I saw a familiar face dismounting from the horse: Warren! Relieved to see my hero, I tried to swim to the surface to reach Warren, but I felt extremely relieved when I saw him jump into the lake. Starting to heavily breathe, I tried to grab Warren’s hand, but he beat me by grabbing my hand first. After Warren reminded me that he was there for me, I wrapped both arms around his neck and sighed with relief. After he took me out of the lake, Warren helped me mount onto his horse, which cantered towards the castle.

When we arrived at the castle, we got off the horse just as the King and Queen rushed out to greet us. Worried about how drenched I was, they pulled me away from Warren and sent me into the castle to change. While I changed into another dress, the King and Queen scolded Warren, as if he caused me to get drenched. Warren tried to prove his innocence, but was sent to his bedroom without dinner, so he stayed there while I dined with his parents. After dinner (during which, I saved some food for Warren), I said goodnight to the King and Queen before I skipped to the bedroom, where I snuck the food to Warren. We then changed for bed and went to sleep, with me having better dreams than I did the night before.

The next morning, I woke up before Warren did, so I kissed his forehead. The moment he opened his eyes, I smiled at him and giggled, “Good morning, Warren!” With a grin growing across his face, Warren chuckled, “Good morning, Rapunzel.” After getting changed, we went down to breakfast, which was where the King and Queen ordered us to stay apart from each other only for that day. Apparently, they still thought Warren was to blame for me being drenched while on the previous night’s ride, so they wanted us apart.

For my first time ever, I saw Warren’s face turn red with anger as he huffed and argued, “What did I do? She went riding and if anyone is to blame, it’s that crazy horse of mine!” That’s when my face turned fire-red as I turned to Warren and snapped, “Well, you let me ride that crazy horse of yours, so it’s YOUR fault in the end!” I thought Warren was gonna blow his top at the fact that I agreed with his parents, but as Warren repeatedly banged his head against the table, I got up, said goodbye to the King and Queen, and stormed off to Warren’s bedroom, where I quickly shut the door behind me.

A moment after I slammed the door, I heard a knock at it, followed by Warren saying, “Rapunzel?” Fumed, I mumbled, “What do you want, Warren?” Somehow staying calm, Warren said, “I’m sorry,” but I was too angry at him to forgive, so I snapped, “I’ll accept your apology either tonight or tomorrow, but not now. Now, PLEASE GO AWAY!” With a sigh, Warren went away from the castle and went to find his horse. I don’t know what Warren did when he found his horse, but what I heard him say next made me fall down laughing: “Okay, you overgrown knucklehead! Where did you take her?”

While Warren was out with his horse, I took a satisfying nap before having lunch with the King and Queen. After lunch, I went to the highest point of the castle, where I saw Warren with his horse by the lake. Before Warren could even look up and see me, I already went back to his bedroom, where I relaxed while reading one of the books I took from the tower. After I had dinner with the King and Queen, I went back to Warren’s room and started pacing the floor, debating whether to accept his apology that night or the following day. By the time I made up my mind, there was a knock at the door, and I knew exactly who was there: Warren.

“Rapunzel?” Warren called through the door. With a gulp, I responded, “Yes, Warren?” As bold as possible, Warren said, “I’m sorry.” As forgiving as I can be, I opened the door, wrapped my arms around Warren, and started to cry. After saying “I love you” to each other, I pulled Warren into his room and we started to kiss each other, even continuing after we fell onto his bed. I kissed every inch of his face before he licked my face, which caused me to squeal, hold him closer, and massage his neck. We fell asleep in each other’s embrace and when we woke up the next morning, we were still holding each other.

After getting dressed and having breakfast, I was about to ask Warren about our activities that day when an all-too-familiar puff of smoke filled the main entry-hall, causing me to scream while the others gasped. After screaming, I ran to Warren, grabbed his arm, and asked, “How did she find us?” As the Witch appeared before us, Warren was the least bit scared, drawing his swords and commanding the guards to get her out of the castle. Seeing the pair of swords before her, the Witch turned into a fire-breathing dragon, which made the guards scared stiff. When Warren loudly ordered the guards to take everyone but him and the dragon out, I trembled in fear as we were taken outside.

As we were leaving, the dragon tried to come after me, but Warren put an end to that by saying, “Where do you think you’re going? Your fight is with me. Now that they’re gone, I don’t have to hold back.” He then cut the dragon’s wings off and teased, “Now that you can’t fly, let’s see what you’ve got!” The dragon tried to step on Warren, but he got out of the way before cutting her foot off. As he slashed at the dragon’s chest and neck, Warren boldly said, “You’ve attacked my home, my friends, and my family, but I can forgive all of that in time. But now, you’ve attacked the girl I love, and I’ll never forgive that!” After cutting the dragon’s heart out, Warren threw her into the fire before cutting her head off.

After we heard Warren victoriously laughing and telling us to come back into the castle, I was too scared to go in, so due to my lack of bravery, I let the King and Queen enter first. I then said that I wouldn’t enter the castle without proof of some kind, but that’s when I was grabbed by the LIVING proof: Warren! After I screamed about the sudden embrace, I looked toward the fireplace and saw the ashes that belonged to the Witch. Even though I missed her, I was so glad that she was gone that I turned to face Warren and said, “I love you, Warren!” After he told me that he loved me in return, I told him that he was my hero.

Now, dear reader, do you remember what I said thirteen paragraphs ago about my lack of swimming skills? Well, Warren took me to the lake and was about to teach me how to swim when I realized my lack of swimwear! Just imagine the mishaps in that situation, especially surrounding what to wear! I couldn’t bear showing my feminine charms to Warren, so I ran back to the castle (with him close behind, apologizing all the way) and spent part of the evening in his room. As Warren returned to the lake and spent the night there, I left his room and moved my pillow and blanket to the highest part of the castle.

When I woke up the next morning, I watched the sunrise but didn’t want to have breakfast for some reason. Around that same time, Warren had woken up and was riding along the mountains, and I could see him from my sleeping space. I still don’t understand why, but the moment I saw him looking so happy on his steed, I felt a tear fall from my eye. Somehow realizing what was going on behind him, Warren stopped and looked towards the castle, and one look at him made me cry like a baby. Something about seeing me crying must’ve hurt Warren’s heart, because I gasped in shock as he started charging his horse closer to the castle. After apologizing for the crazy lesson the previous evening, I accepted his apology by blowing him a kiss, only to snap at him when he asked if we could go back to the lake.

Gritting my teeth, I huffed, “No thank you! In fact, I’ll never go back to that lake again!” With that, I picked up the pillow and blanket, and went back into the castle, where I headed back to Warren’s room. Still ticked off at Warren’s mind being on either me or the lesson, I emptied out my sack, climbed into it, and fell asleep. A few hours later, I was awakened by something thumping onto a table. I wriggled out of my sack, got up, and walked to the table, where I saw a bag on it. I opened the bag and gasped when I saw tons of gold inside, but I didn’t know what I’d use it for. That’s when Warren told me that the gold was for buying my own horse! I took the bag, ran out of the castle, and went to the nearest barn, where I found a gorgeous chestnut-brown horse. Without much haggling, I was able to buy both the horse and a helmet. I rode the beautiful horse to the castle and was greeted at the stable by Warren, who was standing next to his horse.

After turning the bedroom lights out later that night, I climbed under the covers beside Warren, where the cuddling started. At one point in our cuddling, I asked Warren if we could French Kiss, even though I had never done it before. After telling Warren that I wanted to try it since we had been together for six days, I asked him to start the kissing. Sliding his fingers down my spine, sending chills along that area, Warren softly kissed my lips. After kissing him in return, I nervously slipped my tongue into Warren’s mouth and squealed with delight as he sucked on it before slipping his tongue into my mouth, where I played with it while massaging his neck. After playing “Tag” with each other’s tongues, we said goodnight and fell asleep.

If I thought leaving the tower was the best day ever, what happened a week later moves that to second place. While cuddling at one point that day, things got really risqué when Warren took off my pajama-top before starting to suck and nibble on my nipples, making me giggle and squirm. After playfully spanking me, during which I had a pillow to muffle my screaming, I was shocked when Warren put his hips behind mine and whispered, “Grind against me.” In anger, I quickly pushed Warren away and huffed, “Hold on! What do you think I am: a plaything? A prostitute? A romancer? NO!” Defeated, Warren got off the bed and sighed, “I was going to ask you something later, but if you don’t want to, then nevermind.”

“What were you gonna ask me?” I asked with curiosity, and that’s when Warren heaved another sigh and asked, “Rapunzel, will you marry me?” This wasn’t what I was expecting, so with more shock than before, I gasped, “WHAT?!?” After getting fully-dressed, I looked and saw Warren on the floor in front of me, asking the question again, to which I started crying and answered, “Yes!” Once Warren took a ring from his pocket and slid it onto my finger, we stood up and kissed each other before I fell into his embrace and cried again. After announcing our engagement to Warren’s parents, Warren and I made arrangements to be married the next week before telling the Town Crier to spread the news in the neighboring towns.

Fast-forward to our wedding the next week, which I would put at the top of my list of special days, with the day Warren proposed to me being in second place, followed by the day I left the tower. Before my time came to walk down the aisle inside the massive chapel, a man I didn’t recognize (I could see him a little with the veil covering my face, but this fellow was EXTREMELY unrecognizable) came up to me and linked elbows with me before leading me down the aisle. When we were about five feet away from Warren, who was standing in front of the priest, the man let go of my arm and I walked to Warren, who smiled as he took my hand.

After welcoming everyone to the wedding, the priest asked Warren if he’d take me as his lawfully-wedded wife, to which Warren said he would. I was then asked if I’d take Warren as my lawfully-wedded husband, to which I said yes. The Priest then pronounced us husband and wife before turning to Warren and saying “You may kiss the bride.” Well, everyone applauded as Warren lifted my veil, wrapped his arms around me, and softly kissed me, which made me cry with joy as I kissed him in return. We then pulled away, linked elbows, and walked to the back door of the chapel to the reception, which was open to the public.

While standing next to Warren at the reception, the man who walked me down the aisle came up to me with a lady. The moment the woman (who looked somehow like an older version of me) and I looked each other in the eyes, the first thing she said was my full name, which made me start crying. Seeing the tears in his newlywed wife’s eyes, Warren turned to face me and asked, “What’s wrong, baby girl?” That’s when I told him who the couple was: my birth-parents, who I was abducted from by the witch as a baby! After tearfully embracing my parents for the first time in twenty years, I turned to face Warren before saying, “Prince Warren, I’d like you to meet my parents, Rafael and Rapunzel Rampion.”

After Warren shook my parents’ hands and said, “It’s nice to meet you,” my parents turned to face me and asked about the Witch. With a smile on our faces, we told my parents about how Warren killed the Witch with his two swords. After saying goodbye to my parents and greeting all the other guests, Warren and I secretly left the reception and made our way to his (now “Our”) bedroom in the castle, where we opened the curtain for the first time in two weeks and smiled at the view. We then got dressed for bed, turned the bedroom lights off, and cuddled until we fell asleep.

Looking back, I think I wouldn’t have had an adventurous life if it weren’t for Warren climbing up my tower all those years ago. When God blessed us with our daughter ten years ago, we kept the family tradition going and named her “Rapunzel Parsley Rampion IV.” When Warren needs me, however, he calls me one of his many pet names. We’ve been living in the castle to this day, and have never taken little Rapunzel to the lake. One of these days, I’ll be brave enough to return there myself, but not yet! Now, if you’ll excuse me, Warren is calling us down to dinner.

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