Random Writing Projects

By @LordGhirahim
Random Writing Projects

Just a collection of pieces from my creative writing class, I like receiving prompt ideas.

Chapter 1


Awake at night,

The AC whirs and purrs,

Like the cats at rest,

Illuminated by orange light,

I stare, constellations on the ceiling,

Thoughts veering off course,

The sweet lure of sleep turns bitter,

A treasure unreached by desperate hands,

Skin boils from the inside out,

Heat unbearable,

Feeling nothing but terrible,

Harshly kicking blankets,

Off the old red couch,

Head pulses, vision blurry,

Rush to the bathroom, hurry, hurry!

Midnight terror,

Mental errors,

Shadows beneath the door,

Looking behind, what for?

Stare in the mirror,

Nothing is clearer,

Than the tired eyes staring back,

Pale, sickly, body prickly,

No more, no more!

Stumbling through the door,

Slipping on the floor,

Collapse on the couch,

Feel it slouch,

Unable to sleep,

I close my eyes,

And think,

Maybe, I’ll sleep tomorrow night?

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