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Random Thoughts of My New Life

By @Joyous_One

I fear this isn’t right,

this unexpected creation.

It lingers in my head,

will we be okay?

How shall it begin,

with life and will it last?

Everyday it looks different,

time will only tell.

If we can truly up hold our end,

of the dreams of who we wish to become.

It’s hard to see,

that’s how it is for anyone.

But its truly scary,

I fear this isn’t right.

My body, my soul, your eyes,

I don’t know if we can make it.

Will our dreams stop?

Will we make it to where we wish?

I love whats being created,

but is it the time and place?

As I said before,

only time will tell us.

I only hope that the life we dreamed of,

doesn’t die out.

They we don’t fade,

becoming soulless and expressionless.

That life can still be fun and filled with love.

I only wish for more time,

time to grow, to love, with good spent energy.

Perhaps I’ll just stop pondering and let life take its course,

so we can spend it together and let the fear slid back into the dark.

Lets just be for now and work it out later.

I love you two and always will,

this will all work out for sure.

Just got to keep it positive and it will.

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