Quiz the Character

By @writercat383
Quiz the Character

Get to know your character(s) better by asking them questions that can even benefit your novel as you work!

Chapter 1


Why should you do this? Well, simply because it helps you to get to know your character better! Also, it’s fun to do, and the things you write down now can even be used in the future during your novel. You can use the form in the next chapter or make up your own, and act like you’re your character as you fill out the answers! You can do this for as many characters as you want, and sometimes it can even be fun to do this for flat characters (characters on the side who you hardly see or hear of, who you especially do not hear the point-of-views of), and you can create a whole world of unseen personality behind them as you fill out a form like one of these that reflects their mind.

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