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By @LilyRavenclaw

Prologue: A Proverb

You’ve heard it said never judge a book by its cover. But let me tell you dear reader, although I’ve no notion of when or where the wise proverb originated, it was not always followed. There was days back a hundred years and more when “books” was beaten and shamed for their “covers” don’t ya know?

But I don’t even have to take you back a hundred years to tell you of a time when still this proverb was hardly recognized. Not a hundred, not eighty years ago there was times where the “cover” of a “book” was all people saw.

You see, people throughout history, have had a hard time not associating “covers” with certain ideas and beliefs and such. They get offended, and skip the part about looking inside because they can’t see past what the “cover” may represent.

It’s pish posh, really. But in those days everyone took themselves too seriously for them’s own good, and didn’t take others seriously enough.

Well… I shouldn’t say everyone. It wasn’t everyone now was it? No, of course not. There was Judy. Yes, you remember Judy? What a kind and unusual soul she was. And Nick! How could we forget Nick? A good man he was. Wise and strong old man, yes. And then of course there was Susan and her husband Jim. They was kind, although they kept it under the table more than not. They was good people.

But oh, They was definitely few and far between, those who looked past the “cover”. They all had their own reasons, motivations and values for doing what they did, but they were few to be sure. None as unique and outspoken as our protagonist this day, however.

Quinn was his name. Ellis Quinn. 

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