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Pyrrhus Located

By @HRJafael


The sky overhead was grey and looking very ominous to the parents of David as they attempted to move into the house. The thunder would rumble every once in a while like a drum roll. Occasionally there would be a flash of lightning in the distance. The tiny suburb of Hazel Creek was not threatened by the lightning strikes, however. The rain fell upon the tiny suburb with an annoying attitude of mischievous intent. The rain had annoyed the moving men who helped the shy and indecisive Lorne family move into the suburban home next door.

Mr. Lorne had helped two burly young man carry a new sofa into the house as Mrs. Lorne directed the other man with the more delicate furniture. She pointed and refereed the moving men like they were her own personal slaves. And Aidan Maxwell was sure that they must have resented her attitude towards them as he looked out the living-room window towards next door.

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