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Purely Evil

By @Booksbycadence

A Pure choice of Poison

The second the strong shot of coffee hit my throat, I sensed the poison. It had been months since the last attempt on my life but I always hoped it would travel elsewhere before I had to take action. I now knew this wasn’t the case, I looked around, the strange insiders of the cafe‘ no one sticking out. A young writer, bright blonde hair, and a quirky sense of fashion, nothing out of the ordinary there. Same to say about most of the other customers, all but a specific barista, a scruffy beard with not a gray hair, pink hair, and dark eyes. He had watchful eyes, scanning over the desk, but always keeping a eye on me, specifically the third eye, hidden behind his ear. I stood from my chair, waltzing over to his station before propping my sleeve on the steamer that was currently unplugged.

“Hello,” I was blunt with him, not giving too much thought to the words that would proceed after.

“Can I help you?”

He was quick to talk, his tone deathly low in a slight whisper. I didn’t know the best way to handle the situation, so I spoke the first words that came to my brain.

“If you don’t mix up the magic cure, I can have this place shut down, not to mention you arrested for the secret behind your small left ear.”

His eyes met mine, turning purple in a fiery way before back to the oak brown they once held, a crooked smile plastered over his face before he shook his head.

“What gave me away?”

“A list of things, but this is my favorite coffee shop, I think I’d know how my drink would taste.”

He sneered, a small glance at his fist, shaking in rage.

He nodded pulling a flask from the inside of his jeans, spilling it’s contents into a small cup, before sliding it aggressively into my hands, as I shot him a glare, sniffing the cup.

“Trying to double the dose?” I gave a small glare, setting the cup down.

He sighed before pulling a circular shaped bottle, from his sleeve, slipping it to me when no co workers were looking, as if this was a mystic and scandalous trade, which I had no desire for.

At this point my hearing started to impair, and I had a aching headache, causing me to barely think as I swung the top of the bottle off chugging the sparkly blue liquid that smelled of light flowers.

The symptoms didn’t clear, and I looked at him skeptically.

He sighed heavily, not saying much else before walking to the register, to which I started to fake signs of health damage falling to the floor and calling out,

“Help I think he’s poisoned me!’

The man’s eyes widened, whether with fear, or hatred I wasn’t sure of.

Many costumers approached me with small objects, water, a towel , and a small trashcan to wash the toxins out if I could.

I gave many fake smiles, as I felt a wave of sleep wash over me, I closed my eyes, and the last thing I saw was the pink bearded man, and a small wave of purple smoke.

I woke up the next day in a small room with many creatures I was unfamiliar of, the view from the window was strange, a tall oak , which leaves seemed to sparkle in the daylight, and small dust trails in the air around. I didn’t know where I was, only the fact that the poison was now gone, and I was no where near home.

The man walked in the room shortly after I came to, holding a teacup shaped like a dragon, a warm smile over his face.

“What am I doing here?”

The confusion in my voice was apparent, as I searched around the room filled with small trinkets.

He handed me a grey book, with dark bronze lettering, my name scribbled on the front.

“Ritha Irdeen, it’s time to fulfill your prophecy.”

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