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Pull at my Heartstrings

By @ObsidianLightX3

Finally I Get a Dance Partner

Walking down the same boring-ass hall of this boring-ass school to my boring-ass choir.

I probably go to what is the most boring, cheapest school in the universe. Not to mention all the annoying idiots that I have to go to school with.

I walk into class and sat in my usual seat at the end of the last row. I cross one leg over the other, hands in my lap, and let out a sigh. I can’t wait to graduate from the school.

The only thing that’s even mildly fun here would be my choir class. We were a show choir, and we danced. I’m in Edition, the girls and guys group. The Panther Kittens is the group of just girls. Although, the number of guys in my choir didn’t match the amount of girls. I’m the extra. I didn’t get a dance partner because I was too tall for some, and too short for others, so in the end I got to dance by myself. Fun.

The teacher looks up at me and made a hand gesture for me to go over to her. The rest of the class sat in their seats, so I got up and went down to Mrs. Crum just as the bell rings.

“We have a new student here joining us,” she says with a proud smile. “It seems you are getting a partner.”

I raise an eyebrow, “Is he the right size, or are you just doing this because it’s a guy and I’m a girl without a partner?”

“He’s actually your size.” She gave me a once-over with a grin, “And I think you will like him.”

My eyebrow probably went up another twenty degrees. The class hushed for a moment after realizing that the bell rang, and I head back to my seat.

“Wait, Amber,” Mrs. Crum calls. “Grab another seat for the student.”

“When does he get here, exactly?” I ask.

“He was supposed to be here…” She trailed off. I roll my eyes at the fact that this guy was late on his first day, took an extra chair, set it next to mine, and then finally sat in my seat.

Then, a male voice rang, “Sorry I’m late. I wasn’t really paying attention when looking for this room.”

I glance up and freeze when I see him.

He wore black, ripped jeans, black leather combat boots, a tight, black t-shirt. He’s got a chain necklace that hides under his shirt, fingerless black leather gloves, and black mirrored sunglasses. His hair is bleach-blonde and he has a very pale complexion.

In fewer words, he’s sexy as ****.

He was smirking, standing as though he didn’t have a care in the world.

Mrs. Crum stepped over to him, “Guys, this is our new student. His name is Dirk Knight. Dirk, you will be Amber’s dance partner, please go take your seat in the empty chair next to her.”

Classmates look at me, probably to see my reaction. I just watched him with wide eyes, trying to not smile like an idiot.

He sat down in the seat next to me, gave me a cocky grin. I got to see features such as snakebite lip rings and gauged ears. Holy ****.

He holds out his hand to me, “Dirk.”

“Amber…” I shook his hand, a stupid smile finding its way onto my face.

“Dirk,” Mrs Crum begins, “you will catch up quickly. We’ve just started learning these songs. Though, dancing won’t be for a while. Just ask Amber if you have any questions.” Mrs. Crum looks excited. Her favorite part of her job is assigning dance partners. She likes play matchmaker.

And I have to admit he’s perfect.

All throughout class, I have to share my music with Dirk, because Mrs. Crum hadn’t put together a folder for him yet. He catches on quickly, and his voice is like gold and diamond had a baby.

About halfway through class, the teacher is called down to the main office to do something, tells us to chat while she’s gone, and leaves. Sitting on my other side is my friend Victoria, and she nudges me with a grin.

She whispers, “He’s perfect for you!” She gestures to my everything.

I attempt shrugging it off, but pink dusts my cheeks, “yeah… shut up.”

“You’re a good singer, Amber.” Dirk says from my other side. I can’t look at him as my face heats even more.

“Y-you too,” I manage.

A group of girls scurries over to talk to him, sitting in a little circle around the side where there are no chairs. He turns to them and they giggle non-stop. I usually find that annoying, but I’m currently trying not to do the same thing.

Trying to speak with Victoria, I suddenly feel an arm around my shoulder, causing me to jump. I look at Dirk, who was talking to the girls while using his arm to apparently nudge me into the conversation.

Girls glare at me, and I put my hands in the air as a sign of innocence.

“So what is the whole dance partner thing about?” He asks… me.

“Oh, um, the teacher pairs guys and girls together depending on, well, body I guess. And they, well, dance.”

“Why a guy and a girl?”

“It’s like… a couple… but, not really? Although, some of the people she pairs actually end up dating. I think Mrs. Crum has a talent.”

“Hm,” that’s all he says.

One of the girls sitting on the floor speaks up, “But! I think if you ask nicely then you can get a new partner. If you’re not happy with the one you have.”

He shrugs, “I’m fine with Amber here. I’m sure she’s good.”

Some snooty girl makes a face, “Amber has never danced with a guy.”

“Yeah, she’s always had to dance on her own.”

“She was never partnered with anyone.”

“Probably because no one wants to be her partner.”

“I bet she’s terrible. Don’t worry; I’m a great dancer, Dirk!”

He silences then by putting a hand in the air. “We’ll just have to see.” He then turns forward in his seat without another word, a silent way of telling them to leave.

They do. All too slow.

When the teacher finally returns, she announces she wants the second song to have a solo.

She looks at Dirk.

“Dirk, I would like you to solo this song. Of course, the class would sing as background. Are you all right with that?”

“Would I still be dancing?” he asked, crossing his arms.

“Of course. With our performances, every student gets a wireless mic rather than singing into mics. It makes everyone’s lives easier.”

“All right, then.”

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