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Prototype R

By @Stuggle_of_a_writer


It is crowded and cold outside, but the blinding lights bring warmth to everyone’s skin. You are not as warm because, at the age of seven, everyone looms over and soaks up the radiance of the light and leaves you shaking. It is a wonder how everyone looks completely black in front of you despite the power of electricity at work. The hairs on your short and stubby arms rise up and you force them back down because the city meeting won’t start just yet, only to discover that, in a couple of seconds, your blonde white hair lift back up. Why didn’t they have lights my height?

To pass time, you pucker your lips tightly and on release, (the harder the force, the greater the result) the noise escapes and produces a pop sound that brings a smile to your lips and eyes. People gathered around you look displeased at your entertainment and some wince their eyes as you continue making the awesome noise. Look what my mouth can do you guys are just standing there looking at me.

“Dmitri, that is enough son,” You feel a rough male’s hand on the top of your ghost white blonde hair and feel it being ruffled. At times, it is alright for him to do that but not in the presence of others so you glare at your guardian. That’s right, father, I am a big boy because I can glare at you! Your eyes mirror his dark green eyes, but it is hard to see them in the dark.

There is a smile playing on his lips and that just makes your eyes narrower. “Please spare these people of your childish entertainments, Dmitri, and I promise we will be home just in time for your mothers’ dessert. I believe she has been planning to make…”

“Don’t ruin the surprise father,” Your tiny fist forms into a ball and lightly punches him in the stomach. Instead of a look of hurt, his lips part to chuckle and you follow his lead. “What is this meeting about anyway?” You watch his face melt into a pondering one and it seems like hours before he proclaim his theory. Think think think.

“Hm, not quite sure, Dmitri, but what I am certain of is that it is of the utmost importance. If they have asked for the whole city to attend it has got to be huge! I’m surprised that everyone is so calm,” he says looking around the outdoor space then back to you. “It should start soon and I want you to hold my hand when it does, okay?”

“Aw, but dad that is really embarrassing!” You whine at him to declare your point.

Lifting his hand away from your head, he stops in the middle point of the air and displays his palm towards you. Stop. “Safety comes first and attitude second, you know that Dmitri. There are tons of people around and you cannot protect yourself, but I can. That is why you need to hold my hand.”

With nothing to say to that, you huff angrily at him and look away. This is no fun at all. To help answer your plea of entertainment, applause roars through the crowd. You did not expect it to be this loud and it displays on your wide green eyes. With free hands, for now, you clamp them over both ears and it distorts the noise. You hum loudly so it echoes in your head and you find it hard to stop.

The noise has dimmed down and you can feel your fathers’ eyes on you. Your hand slips into his in what seems like slow motion and the tinniest detection of movement would indicate that you would be creating an embarrassing moment. I would rather hold mothers’ hand. To close the deal, he traps your puny fingers into a tight embrace so you are glued to him. “It is starting now. Can you see fine?”

You just look at him with an incredulous expression that breaths the word no. To prove your point, you rise on your toes and come nowhere near a person’s neck to peer over. You hear laughter as you lower back to the ground and shake your head to proclaim his question.

“Alrighty then, up you go,” he says and snakes his strong arms around your shoulders and lifts you up. It feels like you are flying off the ground for a second and the grass is people instead of dark green matter. You land on a hard stump and it feels natural to spread your legs apart to help balance. It also helps if you place your hands on top of his brown hair. “Can you see better now?”

“Yes,” You see better and right in front of you is the stage. Just a simple plain wooden stage that is weakly decorated with red silk. In the center of it all is the mayor and he is preparing for a speech by tapping on a small microphone that crackles to life with a single touch. He licks his thick lips and clears his throat and is finally ready.

“Welcome! I am really astonished at how many people arrived and I thank you.” his blue eyes are beaming with glee as he continues on. “I have called this meeting for a very important reason and I will cut right to the chase.” He temporarily leaves the stage to gather something and the crowd goes crazy with applause and whistles.

“What do you think it is dad?” You say in his ear to ensure he gets the message.

“It could be a new law, but I could be ahead of myself. Maybe even a new job.” his voice vibrates through his body and you can feel his anticipation. “I should ask you the same thing Dmitri. I’m sure your busy brain of yours is coming up with creative ideas that keep you busy inside your head, hm?”

It doesn’t take you long to answer because there are thousands of interesting ideas running through your head. You visualize one out of your brain and give it time to pace down your brain stem and climb up your throat. In due time it will enter your oral region and you can already feel it on the tip of your tongue. “I think it is about some new technology that could change our lives for the good.” You whisper into his ear, “Or for the bad.”

“My my, your ideas have outdone mine.” You feel his body reach and contract with laughter, making you wobble around. Laughter fills up your lungs and you must release it. You witness the sea of heads enter conversation with their neighbors from the lack of showmanship. It makes you wonder what on earth they are talking about and wish that you were granted the gift of clairvoyance on your sixth birthday.


 A ripple occurs behind the red silk curtain and all conversation ceases. The mayor is birthed and faces his back towards the audience. Look at his butt! His movements are slow as he backs away from the silk and the audience just watches and waits. You hear some murmurs but you are too far away to pick it up.


 Something tall and lean is dragged onto the stage and the murmurs turn into roars of questions. Your mind is buzzing at the sight and you widen your eyes to see if that zooms in on the scene. What is that! “What is that Father?” Speechless, he just shrugs his shoulders and you hastily go up and down.


 It is covered up, yet you can see features that are strangely…human. A sphere that is occupying the top is long and oval. On both sides of the mysterious object are four points that remind you of knuckles. Two legs help the thing stand and are outlined by the cover preserving it. Show it, show it…COME ON!

The lights that are there for warmth are not needed for their service anymore. Your young heart is beating like a hummingbird, powerful and spontaneous flutters. The mayor placed the statue like object next to the podium and entered his zone of chatter. “My dear people, as you can see I have brought something out here to show and talk to you about.” he sweeps his hand towards the object, pretending to be a spotlight.

“I am about to show you something that will change the way we live and make us be the people we were to be…partners to a new race.” Heads turn towards each other and mingle their thoughts, “I have brought our new friends and neighbors with me today and I introduce you to…” he removes the cover with one fluid movement of his arm and returns back to the microphone, “I-Hannah.” All eyes are on Hannah but her emotionless eyes are blank and show no sign of life. Its whole fleshy body seems to be dead and lifeless but you wonder what is hidden underneath all that skin.

“Dear god, what is that?” Your fathers’ body is tense, “Does he seriously expect us to mix with that monster?”

Not a monster…a piece of art. “Dad, you are being judgmental.” You point out, bringing silence out of him. The mayor busies himself by searching for something on the podium and when he brings it out, your dad stiffens. That’s a law.

“On January the 25th, the Robot Humanity law will be effective and will allow robots, such as Hannah here, to walk among us and even work with us. We will build a community of them and provide houses that will allow them to rest. Currently, there are about a hundred of them in the making and training process. In the years to come, we will kindly ask and assess people who have the right necessity to join our team of trainers to ensure the robots understand what we humans do and how we feel with our emotions. You must apply when you reach the age of eighteen but if we feel like you are ready enough, we will gladly accept you in our team. Thank you for your time and if Hannah could communicate at the moment, she would say it was a pleasure meeting you.” he turns off the microphone and brings Hannah back where she was currently stationed.

Everyone starts to part away from the crowd and you feel your fathers warm hands land on your shoulders. Once again, you feel like you are in the air and are now returning from a trip as your feet touch the ground. You can finally see the stage but it looks like nothing happened so you just follow your dad back home. When you imagine your growth spurt, you wish to be as tall as him so you can see the world from a higher point. Then you imagine that part of you is from the robot aspect and walk stiffly.

“I think I already know what you want to be when you grow up.”

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