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Project Hope

By @Shsltiredenby

Chapter one :)

I’m average. Been like that all my life; nothing changed about me, despite me changing from a kid to where I am now, but somehow, I got into an elite high school. Me, a nobody, going to a school like that. It’s like meeting your favourite singer or meeting the president. My parents were just as happy and proud as I was. So happy, they didn’t exactly read the letter, they saw the school’s name and started prancing with joy. I re-read the note and then it hit me. I got in because of luck, which is about right. I’m known to many as Meyuki, the ultimate Lucky Student. I’ve been through so many unnatural experiences and I still came out alive which is- well; lucky. Despite my luck being amazing to many, I hate it, which is why I claim to not have a talent. I’m still happy; In fact, nothing can bring down this giddy mood. I was so excited, I already started packing even though the school didn’t start for another month. 

The time came and went and before I knew it, I was starting my first day. I gave my family the biggest hug as I started practically skipping to the bus. Nothing could make me feel anything other than overjoyed. Before I knew it, I had arrived at the school. I got off the bus and examined my new school and my newest chapter in life. It felt empowering. It made me feel like I could tackle anything. It made me feel like I had hope for the future. Or at least that’s what I thought. All I could remember after that was my vision getting blurry.

I woke up in an office of some sort, however, it didn’t feel like it. The room was a mess and it seems to be abandoned. I tried to remember what happened and how I got here, but nothing came back to me. I barely remember where I’m at neither. My thoughts were stopped when a little girl walked up to me, holding a teddy bear.  Her teddy bear had an adorable chubby face, but it was off-putting because the bear reeked of a putrid decaying smell.

“Yaaaay! You’re finally awake! Now we can get this show on the road!~ My precious viewers have been waiting!” The little girl exclaimed, smiling. 

“Who ARE you? And why am I here? Where are the other students?” I say, as about ten million other questions fall out of my mouth. I would’ve kept on but something slapped me. I looked at the girl confused. It wasn’t her hand, so it had to be..- 

“Did that f–k–g bear just smack me?! Better question, did that bear just move?!” I say, both angry and confused.

“Heeeey! He’s not just a bear! He’s an advanced programmed murderous fiend inside of a bear! Tekikuma.” She says, smiling. I nod. I didn’t know who this little girl was, but she’s definitely dangerous.

“So, you’re probably wondering why *you’re* here and I’m going to tell you! Guesss what Meyuki, you’re the chosen one! You’ll be helping me in this fun and deadly killing game! How fun does that sound?!”

“*Amazing.*” I said sarcastically but I guess the little girl didn’t notice because she started beaming with joy.

“YAAY! This is going to be so fun!” She says, smiling. I sighed, as she continued.

“Now, all you have to do is follow my very simple task. You’ll be among a group of 16 students, and in that time, Tekikuma will give everyone motives. The motives will be little pushes for everyone to commit murder. It’ll be your job to gain everyone’s trust and get as much information to me as possible. You’ll also need to start any drama secretly, once people get mad at another person, I just know they’ll get to the point of commit murder. It’ll also be your task to eventually take the motive and kill someone, might not wanna get caught though~!” She says, giggling. 

“And if I say no?” I said, annoyed.

“Well, if you were to say no to a cutie like me. Your even cuter family will get murdered on national television! OH!- Did I forget to tell you, this whole game was being broadcasted for the whole world to see?~ My bad!” She says, smiling innocently.  

“…. M-my… Family..?” I muttered, scared. My only choice was to accept, I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my family.

“So what do you say?” The little girl asked, clearly annoyed. 

“Yes! I’ll do it! Just don’t hurt my family!” I practically yell, shaking. All I could see was a sinister smile, as the little girl held out her hand.

“Great. It’s a deal then. Oh, gosh- my older sister taught me manners! I’m Juno. My older sister, Ju– on second thought, you’ll meet her soon enough.” She says, smiling waiting for me to shake her hand. I don’t say a word, all I do is shake her hand. 

“Now~ I’ll make this announcement and you head to the gym, you’ll meet the other students there. This will be the last time you see me, for now; but you’ll be withTekikuma, so you’re in good hands! Goodbye now!” She says, smiling as she kicks me out. 

I walked around for about a minute when I heard a voice on the announcement boxes scattered throughout the school. 

“Ahem- Good-Morning scholars! Welcome to Future! If you will, please meet up in the gym.” The voice says, which didn’t sound like Juno’s voice. Listening to the voice made me both relaxed and concerned. 

I walked around the huge school, trying to find my way to the gym. When I got in, almost all of the students were already there. I decided to introduce myself to everyone. I walked up to the first couple of students.

I looked at the options as to who I should talk to first and after a few seconds of deciding. I go to a very tall, pale, girl with Black puffy hair. “Hello,” I say, smiling. The girl looked at me, brushed her hair out of her face and waved.

“Hi-” She says, trying not to make eye contact.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m Meyuki,” I say, beaming with joy. The girl was the exact opposite but I didn’t mind; maybe she was shy, it is the first day of classes after all.

“Meyuki… I’m Kai,” The girl says, before continuing. “Pleased to meet you too… I guess-” she mumbled. I looked away, not trying to annoy her any more than what I already have, then preceded to walk to the next person.

I looked at the next person, to which she had a beautiful red kimono on, as well as a white and red fan with it. I looked at her, smiling, repeating my first actions. “Hello! I’m Meyuki!” I said smiling.

The girl moved her fan from her face, smiling. I could tell she was on the softer side from her smile. “Greetings, I’m Mei.” Her voice was as soft as her simile, which I liked.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mei! You’re very pretty, I love your fan and your outfit!” I say, gushing about her gorgeous clothing and fan. She giggled lightly. “Thank you, darling, It’s very special to me and my family.” She says, smiling. 

“Your family seems very cool!” I say, smiling, before turning away to the next person.

The next person bumped into me, which surprised me. 

“Ah-! Sorry, are you okay?” I say to the person, but they didn’t look back up at me. Instead, they just mumbled.


I looked at the person confused as they slowly fall asleep. I tap them softly, waking them up with a gasp.

“Where am I? Who are you? How did I get here?” The person said, looking around the room, clearly confused.

“Uh- You’re at the High-school’s orientation, I was asking for your name and I don’t know how you got here-” I said, chuckling lightly. “Anyways- I’m Meyuki, and you are..?” I ask, looking at the person. To my surprise, the person was standing up, sleeping again. I look at them, awkwardly. It’ll be best to leave them be for now- I think to myself walking to another person. 

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