Princess? Prince?

By @em_ma

Princess? Prince?

By @em_ma

A short poem.

Chapter 1

Princess? Prince?

She rips her dress.

And breaks her shoe.

Her hair falls and 

the makeup smears.

Without her tiara, is 

she still a princess?

This broken beauty is

undesirable, unwanted.

She is overlooked by him.

Overlooked by the prince,

who wears a heavy cloak

to hide his tattered clothes.

A costume of fool’s gold.

He walks as if untouched.

She may be vulnerable,

but so is he, the difference is

she doesn’t hide her pain and 

he pretends to not have any.

Is the princess just a girl

with no jewels or tiara?

Is the boy a prince 

if he wears a crown?

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