Post Trauma 2

By @Journeyman_Angel

Post Trauma 2

By @Journeyman_Angel

Chapter 1

Post Trauma 2

If you take 2018 and subtract 1973 then you have that remains is forty-five years of not one day without pain. That type of pain is not a torture protected by the international rules of war.

Yes, I can hear the insensitive say, “Toughen up! Others have it worse than you!” No, they do not. The worst pain is the pain YOU feel.

I am quite certain those “John Wayne” types keep themselves numb with various selections of alcohol. The opinions of such are of no value. They are not without pain, just without feeling. I have relatives like that.

Chronic pain can sometimes cause a person to want to pick up a gun and show innocent people how real pains feels.

I have the anger to do that. And if that anger was all I had, then I would be doing it. Yes, I have that devil sitting on my shoulder also. I have come to know hate. Hate is not wishing someone was dead, it is an obsession with the idea that they should have never existed at all. It was once a great ally. That is my sociopathic self.

But I have more.

There is that other stereotypical angel on the other shoulder. The one who can feel the pain of other humans with fierce intensity. That is my empathetic self. Yes, I could give in to my demon and kill. I have that darkness. But my light overcomes my darkness.

Free will always offers choices. I choose the light.

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