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By @Skinny_Towels

There's always a possibility, however slight,

That perhaps we’ll be here, free of fright, 

When the walls crash down around our humble home, 

And the happenings are recorded for history’s great tome.

There’s always a hope, however small, 

A fire within us, a mighty call,

That perhaps our time has not yet come,

And our hopes, our dreams, are more likely than some.

There’s always a chance, however unlikely,

That the days ahead will be bright as Aphrodite, 

With beauty that shimmers, for all to see, 

A place of wonder, a place of glee.

There’s always a reason, however abstract, 

To love and cherish the way we act,

For a life without happiness, 

Is a fox without craftiness,

Or a turtle without patience of old.

And while the odds may not be in favor, 

Miracles can prove a well-earned savior,

For those trapped in times of dire.

Have hope, a wish, a dream, aspire.

‘Cause there’s always a possibility, however slight, 

That everything’s going to turn out alright.

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