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Pokemon Dreamers

By @sobgob

Prolouge: The dream that I crushed

“She won’t be able to become a pokemon trainer.”

For once in my life, I hated hearing those words.

“She won’t be able to become a pokemon trainer.”

That single sentence hurt me more than any taunt I’ve received.

I would’ve just brushed that off and moved on with my life, but how can I ignore the words from such a high authority as a “doctor?”

My mom always said that doctors know what’s best better than she does, so I guess I have no choice but to give in to such a fate.

But why? Why is this my fate?

Why was this terrible fate decided on me?!

Everyone else around me that I’ve looked up to walked their journeys with two legs, but me? I lost mine and now I walk with one.

If I wasn’t so reckless. If I just took a step back and used my brain for once maybe I would be walking with them!

But, once more fate holds me back.

The fate that I decided myself.

The fate that crushed my dream into dust.

The fate that the only thing to blame for is me.

My mom keeps making me feel so pitiful by saying that there’s still a path ahead for me, we both know that I can’t make two steps in. 

Besides, how would she understand?! She’s the champion of alola!

I guess I should just sit and accept my already-decided fate and just become nothing.

Just..become nothing-


-to this world.-

“Taiyo..? You awake?”

Besides, it doesn’t mat–


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