By @ZoeHuang

It is a short story written about young dumb people who play with poison.

Chapter 1


Nadine was never that girl who deserved to die. She was the innocent, wide-eyed, optimistic child who grew up and life never hit her. If anything, Nadine had a soft blow to the cheek which gave her beautiful plump pink lips to compliment her eyes. We thought we were smart then, now we know not to play with poison.


It all started with Chad. Chad, the handsome body of a warrior along with the wit of an idiot, he was the lure. Nadine was an open girl who loved all the men who wooed her, but she never gave in without knowing for sure he was the one. She played and flirted getting every man to bow. Strategic was her middle name. She became every mom’s dream daughter in law.


Chad was her one mistake. Derric knew that he was trouble. Derric’s biggest mistake was killing his one true love, Nadine, blessed by Hades Nadine. Nadine started hiding secrets from us, we thought maybe she started one of her reading tangents. It went on for months before we were introduced to Mr. Chad Doseman. She said it was an “intimate relationship.” I think not. They’re too pretty to be true. He looked like a cascading mountain of a man, she a sea of enchanted beauty. Neither of them were ready for the havoc we wrecked upon their shores.

We met at the dinner made of laminate red and white tiles. We take on the personas of a poker players, seeing who folds first. But before the pressure is to awkward to break Juliet says what everyone’s thinking. Chad has got to go. Juliet tells us the full profile of Chad Doseman. How he is rich but humbly involved in community service work. His grades aren’t perfect but the amount of B’s here could make a lot of honey. The main point is that he has never been in a relationship. Nadine is not deserving of some lost boy from neverland. She needs a man, and Chad isn’t making the preliminaries.

Derric put in set a plan, a way to get rid of Chad for good. This guy had an vendetta. We would invite Chad to our infamous game night making him a part of the group. Drinks would be served and one drink spoiled with the taste of death. Derric said it was the safest way to get rid of him. I didn’t think we had it in ourselves to murder. I was wrong.

Tonight was the night of the plan. Nadine knew nothing of our scheming as she was lost in Chad’s mesmerizing crystal blue eyes. Derric and Juliet were on edge, each of them a nervous wreck. Nadine seemed totally concentrated in the strategies of Catan. We played aggressively, although Juliet and Derric’s minds are somewhere else. I delivered the drinks giving each drink by hand.

Juliet chugged her entire glass of beer eager to forget what hasn’t happened yet. Chad is about to take a sip when Derric interjects. “Chad don’t drink the beer, it’s POISONED!” Chad looks at me as if I had threatened his life. Juliet takes Chad’s drink and chugs the whole thing in one gulp. Me and Derric look at her as if she is insane. “I switched the Chad and Nadine’s cups you dip heads!” Juliet exclaims.

“Why? Why would you want to poison Nadine? WHY Juliet?” Derric queries.

“Because I love you! And because you believe she will love you eventually. She will never Derric! But I would!” Juliet says running out of breath.

As this fight is happening, I take my glass of beer and take a nice swig out of it. As soon as I took a sip, it was poison.

My feet feel like pancakes with no real solidity. The roof sways side to side as I fall out of my standing position to a lump on the floor.

Nadine was never the girl to die. No one is ever ready to die.

Nadine storms out grabbing Chad in one hand and her belongings in another as she runs into the night. Chad’s Mercedes lights up as they pull out of the driveway and into the corner streets away from the spilled drinks on the floor.


Zoe lies on the floor with no movement. Juliet goes to call 911 and I stop her. They would know that I had killed my best friend. It never was suppose to be this way. I push Juliet away from Zoe as I pick up her lifeless body and dump her onto the couch with the poison in hand. I’m sorry Zoe, it never meant to be this way. Juliet screams at me about how poison was my idea, death my intention. Juliet leaves the crime scene before she gouges my eyes out and staples my limbs to the wall.

I’m left alone. On game night. To drink. Cheap beer. It’s metallic taste calms my nerves.

I think of calling Nadine, to apologize. I decide to head out in my busted BMW to go to Nadine’s house to apologize. Before I contemplate my actions further I drive at 60 mph straight without stop, without hesitation. I know this route as I know my right hand. I swerve and and push on the gas pedal. Only for a second does my car slow and a soft thud sobers my senses. I come out to see what I had hit.

She shouldn’t have been there.

I shouldn’t have come.

I shouldn’t have wanted to kill him.

Shouldn’t have killed someone.

Now I’ve killed two.

Nadine was never that girl who deserved to die. Neither was Zoe.

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