Poetry: Cut Me

By @Emilys15

Poetry: Cut Me

By @Emilys15

This is a poem about my current relationship with my partner. It describes my internal battle with how she treats me.

Chapter 1

You only seem to really care about me when you cut me.

You cut me, and once I lay on the floor with dizziness as blood comes gushing out of me,

You care.

Well let me remind you, that you put me in this state.

Probably not on purpose, yet you knew what you were doing when you texted her.

Did you even feel guilty?

Did you even acknowledge what you were doing was wrong? Or was she just another conquest- just as I am to you?

My blood runs like a river after a storm, and you care. Because you did this to me.

You knew what you were doing when you cried for hours and told me about it.

I asked and asked because I feared what the answer might be. My fears were true.

You were crying over her again.

And your tears turned into my blood.

And then you cared.

Why is it that whenever you cut me, you care?

That’s some ****** up ****.

I am with you because I am attempting to fix past errors of judgement.

I can’t have another death on my conscience because that will truly be the death of me.

I want to die, yes, but I am not willing to let another death push me towards my goal.

The longer I am with you, the better you seem to become.

The more you open up.

The less harm you do to yourself.

But, shouldn’t a relationship be a symbiotic one?

Yet, I feel that ours more resembles a parasitic relationship.

You continually hurt me and hurt me until I bleed.

And one day, all of my blood will be sucked out of my body because of you.

You’re a ******* parasite who cares only about yourself. That is, of course, unless your host is suffering from your actions. And when your host is suffering, therefore, you are too. So you fix me, and then you continue to use me.

Your breaking me, as I am fixing you.

But, I don’t have any self respect to fix myself; To get rid of the parasite.

So I will let you suck all of the blood of out of my body as long as you’re okay.

I just worry about when I’m gone, who will you cut next?

A new host or yourself?

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  1. tesshaiku

    Wow. Good. Really good, deep too. Keep up. Hope it works out somehow.

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