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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn

Free Fall



sometimes I hold on too tight



sometimes I’m terrified

I know I’d be fine

but I really

don’t want it this time

I don’t want to lose you

but I know if I’m too scared to

that will bring it about regardless


tiptoeing on shattered glass

I’m not afraid of falling

I always get back up

but your light is blinding

magnificent, marvelous

like a melody

may I be your harmony?

you don’t mind the darkness

you don’t mind the gasping

you don’t mind the strangled grip

hands weaving around life’s faucet

eyes wide with wonder

eyes wide with fear

I love that duality

it’s like love

crimson warmth

calming heat

cruelty, release

a switching dance

twirling like smoke


intoxicate me


above or below

inside or out

you look good from every angle

no matter how the light catches

I can’t take my eyes off you

my heart already leapt towards you

arms outstretched, chest rising

every breath emphasizing

pupils dilating




so much feeling


you make me feel alive

the rush of heat, of blood to skin, the blush

head swirling, feet curling, losing balance

teetering on the edge

I don’t let go

but with you

I’m tempted

should you fall, I pull

should I fall, you pull

tugging at strands of hair

hot breath mingling in the air

lives like tightrope

but we don’t have to walk alone

this balancing act

the bottomless pit beneath

we can dance with broken steps

find light in the darkness they created

smile from our cages

break them

break every expectation

fly free

it’s dangerous, it’s exciting, it’s terrifying

but if it’s with you I’m flying

I don’t mind falling

I don’t mind fighting

I don’t mind waiting

I don’t mind gliding

I don’t mind drifting

it is

and will be


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