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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn


We cry when we are hurt

and we cry when we are happy

Is that not proof enough that pain and pleasure are interconnected?

Woven and intertwined like the push and pull of the sea

you cannot have one

without the other

and trust me,

you don’t want neither.

I’ve felt the undercurrent of numbness drag me down

I thought that I wanted it but I’m sure now

that I’d rather suffer for years than feel nothing for one moment.

To live and feel nothing,

might as well be death.

The void may be safe but it is no protection.

The abyss may be tempting but it is not freedom.

Freedom is the rush

of air from your lungs when your heart is broken

and the burning

desire when you hold someone in your arms again.

That sunrise after what felt like years of darkness.

In our pursuit of happiness,

we forget that to be happy, is not the same as to be without hurt

when everything is crashing down, the walls are caving in, all hope is lost…

nothing compares to the joy when we overcome

when we shine and refuse to drown.

To pursue happiness

we must fall again, and again, and again

we hurt again and again and again

and it feels endless

but we must believe

that it’s worth it.

Feeling nothing isn’t worth it.

It’s worthless. Meaningless. Emptiness.

You think it shelters you,

but then you remember what it was like to feel warmth on your skin

instead of watching others in the sun

because you’re afraid of the storm.

I like to dance in storms.

To smile through tears.

Not because I’m pretending to be happy

but because feeling this

means that I can be happy.

As long as I feel this,

there’s still a chance.

That’s why I think pain is beautiful.


earthquakes under our skin,

waterfalls from our eyes

so much life

so much potential

so much connection and meaning.

Happiness is not a destination,

it’s a journey.

And maybe the sun will never rise

but if you shield your eyes

if you block your vision

if you give up hope

it could rise again and again

and you’d never get to feel it

you’d never get to enjoy it.

After all, if the sun never rises again

you’ll be dead.

Regardless of whether or not you killed your spirit.

You deserve to feel warmth again.

Don’t dive off the edge just to prevent something from pushing you.

Don’t pull the trigger just so that they don’t have to.

Don’t go down without a fight.

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