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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn

Turning Nightmares into Dreams

I have nightmares

Plagued with traumatic events passed,

manifestations of fear, anxiety, depression

shadows creeping in…

but this time, it was different

my mother screaming, yelling, going to hurt me-

then a single thought,

“this is a dream”

I have lucid dreamed

but I have never broken a nightmare

too overwhelmed, helpless, a victim

but not last night

I knew this was not my reality

I am stronger than I used to be

I stood up straight

And told her,

“go to your room”

this is a dream

I am in control

the nightmare tried to creep in,

but I knew that I was not helpless

I willed it away

and it faded again

I fought,

and I won.

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